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  • I attended the Yorba Linda rally yesterday and the turnout was great!  More photos will be posted tomorrow. 



  • In an era when America is hated and resented nearly the world over...the methods of screening and pat down become very important because they are contrary to the worlds most free society...It is as important an issue as any other because it is proof positive that our government is more interested in getting the American people under control than getting to the real problem....it proves that our government is more concerned about foreign opinion and approval and afraid of profiling...which is the best and surest way of initiating security in my opinion. If the American people kick back and accept yet another step in the loss of civil liberty while the profiling of those sects and cultures already proven to spawn our enemies is prohibited...we have no one to blame but ourselves when we seemingly overnight wake up in a America we no longer recognize or can love. The protests of these procedures is not waste of time or energy...not when you look at a bigger picture.
  • The protesting of the screening and pat down procedures are a total waste of time and energy, let's just make sure that no one will get exemptions, such as "arab women" that would be a free pass for a dress up party!
    Closing the border, getting rid of Obama Care, quit spending money we do not have are issues that come to mind as far more important, Sjirk Zijlstra
  • I am tired of only the repubsor dems only being mention on tv like they are no others. third parties are valid partiyes. try lokking here http://max145.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/two-political-party-rant/
    Anyway post latter.
  • Cameras at the polls - film them on the way in and many will turn around.
    We are at war - the enemy is within and without.
    Work hard - it is not just a fight against or for this or that issue or party.
    Understand that it is a fight for the survival of America as a free and Independent Republic based on our Constitution.
    With prayer, and vows to try to live virtuous lives, and with all of our courage and hard work for the good - we the people of America - the most generous, good-hearted, eager to help, eager to share, and most powerful people in the history of the world:

  • October should be Voter Fraud awareness month, because if these thugs retain power in Washington if will be direct attributed to voter Fraud.
    It is an old joke about election fraud. In Chicago the dead vote. In certain parts of Texas, especially when Lyndon Johnson was a powerful political figure, the dead voted. Election fraud has been a staple of democratic politics for decades. Most people still think election fraud ended with the end of the Dailey machine in Chicago.

    Election fraud is alive and well in this country. A recent race in Missouri shows this.

    Conservative Will Royster ran in the Democratic primary for Missouri’s 40th house district against liberal John Rizzo. Rizzo won by one vote. In this case, it was not the dead voting. The voters that presumably put Rizzo over the top were quite alive.

    During the primary election, in one particular poling place, a Somali man and Somali woman came during the day, bringing a large number of their compatriots with them. These people apparently could not read or write English and these two people filled out the ballots for them. At another poling place, a Somali came in with several other Somalis, pointed to a Rizzo sign and told the people she had brought with her to vote for him.

    In yet another poling place, another man was observed escorting more than thirty Somalis into the poling place, signing their names in the registry book and lead them into vote.

    In each of these instances, these “voters” were people who could not read or write in the English language and there is even a serious issue as to whether these people were American citizens. Did these people even have the right to vote?

    Liberals go into frenzy every time Americans, concerned that elections be free and fair propose something simple like the requirement for a picture ID before someone can be allowed to vote. Fraud is a staple of the liberal political movement since in most instances they cannot win without it.

    In this race, the election, depending on which news story you read, was decided by either one or three votes. There were a huge number of voting irregularities. Of course, the Obama regime’s Department of Justice is not interested. Missouri election officials appear to be equally uninterested.

    Election fraud is very real and Americans need to stand up and insist on enforcement of the laws that eliminate fraud in elections.
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Obama: Enemy of the USA Exposed

Anyone who is not already familiar with the following website:  www.obamacrimes.com   needs to visit the website and read the shocking and frightening material posted there. It was written by an investigative attorney who has been trying to get Obama removed from office. The website exposes Obama for who he really is and his sinister plan to destroy the USA.....this is a MUST READ for all Americans !!!!!!!

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A win!!! The City of Vista has opted out of ICLEI thanks to the Vista Tea Party Patriots

Step one:  Members of the Vista Tea Party Patriots went to the Vista Planning Commission a few weeks ago and talked about Agenda 21 and Vista's membership in ICLEI.  After we spoke, we were told that the city is no longer part of ICLEI.  Step two:  On Tuesday, Feb. 28th at the Vista Civic Center at 5:30 pm, we are going to go to the City Counsel meeting and ask them to pass a resolution that makes it policy that they are not going to rejoin ICLEI.  We also will be giving them our scientific…

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Obama -The soluton

Solution: You want him out of the White House don't you? And you think you are going to get him out in the General? Think again! If you get him out in the Primary not the General then you have a chance in getting this country back to a sound economy. BUT you people are not thinking outside the box.. you are going to be trapped in the same box you are jailed in now.Your PROFESSIOAL politicians aren't doing squat for you! They fear an outsider who knows business and will go through the BOOKS! I…

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