• The "Sane" can't jump every time these neurotic Orwellian freaks have a fit over perceived reality!!!.............WE"LL LOSE OUR COUNTRY AND THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY for it in the end......SHAME ON US!!!!

  • Frankly, a lot of professors (and teachers) should not even be allowed near children, OR young people.

    • June, you have that exactly right. 


  • Most Blacks don't earn an education, it's given to them. 

  • meanwhile little kids are being shot at playgrounds and these elitis could care less

  • Unbelieable stupidity

  • What a stupid  moron  !

  • Even if I put a noose in a tree, it is not against the law.  If you see something in that situation that is making you woke, your problem not mine.  Stay off my property and I will stay off yours.

  • Oh my goodness; how do these "professors" ever graduate from elementary school?  And these are supposedly our intellectual elites!

    • Not enough "common sense" to pour piss off a platter  ---  that's our elite class Martha

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