In the furor over the January 6 riot, which Sen. Mitt Romney called an “insurrection incited by the president of the United States,” a more serious assault on the Capitol has been overlooked. For those who weren’t around or may have forgotten, here’s what went down on the evening of November 7, 1983.

“Listen carefully, I’m only going to tell you this one time,” a caller from the “Armed Resistance Unit,” told the operator at the Capitol switchboard. “There is a bomb in the Capitol building. It will go off in five minutes. Evacuate the building.” A Senate document, “Bomb Explodes in Capitol,” describes what happened.

The caller warned that “a bomb had been placed near the chamber in retaliation for recent U.S. military involvement in Grenada and Lebanon.” At 10:58 p.m. “a thunderous explosion tore through the second floor of the Capitol’s north wing.” The device, hidden under a bench at the eastern end of the corridor outside the Senate chamber, “blew off the door to the office of Democratic Leader Robert C. Byrd.  The blast also punched a potentially lethal hole in a wall partition sending a shower of pulverized brick, plaster, and glass into the Republican cloakroom.” The adjacent halls were virtually deserted, so “many lives had been spared.”

Later than night, the Armed Resistance Unit called National Public Radio and proclaimed, “Tonight we bombed the U.S. Capitol.” The bombers “purposely aimed our attack at the institutions of imperialist rule rather than at individual members of the ruling class and government. We did not choose to kill any of them at this time. But their lives are not sacred and their hands are stained with the blood of millions.”

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  • I wonder if Biden is expendable and that is why he was chosen. Just think about what the left could do to the nation if they decided to kill Biden and spread the lie that it was the Trump lovers that did it. We would have the armed forces called on us for sure. 

    • very possible, I don't put any treachery beyond their satanic minds!!!!!!!!!!

  • mitty the POO is a TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!

  • I believe thing like this will happen again here in the United State of America especially under Joe Biden administration.

    • And so do they believe a mass uprising of the disenfranchised will happen. They keep thousands of military at their disposal to protect themselves. The military presence will remain at the capital as long as the dems are in control. Thy are terrified that the truth about the election will be made known and the people will rise up and defeat them.

    • God WILL make their crimes known!!!!!!!!!!

  • We should be grateful that there are media out there who tell the truth just like Trump does: OANN, breitbart, front page mag, etc.

  • The biggest domestic terrorist group in America without a doubt is the scum of the earth democrats! 

  • " And we NEVER hear the Democrats talk about this because? "  I would bet it has been investigated and the Armed Resistance Unit is just another terrorist group supported by the Democrats.  That is the most likely reason the Democrats ignore it.

    • Martha, that makes sense to me.  If the group was pro-liberty the devildemocommiecrats would be running to their Pravda/Goebbels propagandists denouncing them!!!!!!!!!!

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