• Voting for Vernon for our Governor! Kemp has to go!

  • Vernon Jones behaved correctly and I'm glad that he called out the Liberal reporter for trying to put a bad spin on a legal activity. Don't let the Liberal reporters get away with it.

  • Vernon Jones is one very cool customer who obviously is not intimidate by reporters with agenda driven questions. Any time a question needs to be "set up", especially with pointed or accusatory remarks, we know that the reporter has an agenda other than fact finding for the truth. I admire him as an individual who knows his own mind and won't be pushed around or boxed into a political corner..

  • The truth IS a force of nature and it WANTS OUT! SO audits of the STOLEN election are SPREADING out, now there are TEN states moving in that direction, SWEET!

  • It doesn't say but I recognize that they are at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phx where the Audit is being conducted. Everybody is coming here to learn how AZ is upending crooked dims and NWO plans.

    • Really? I hope so!........Is AZ your area?

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