• Rather than point out what President Trump needs to do why not remember what the other choice was. This man gave up his way of life, does not take a salary, to try and save a country that was almost completely destroyed by an ugly muslim from Kenya. If that worthless rest home example biden gets elected the republic is gone. Trump has not much help in his endeavors either. I wish I could offer him some help. 

  • Let's all present our advanced degrees so the colonel will know that we don't need to be preached to. I'm old but my M.B.A. is still good; along with my M.S. in Management. My brain is as sharp today as the years I got those degrees. I hate doing this but am tired of the Trump bashing. I think the man is  close to sainthood for all he has accomplished in such a short time and against a horrendous headwind from EVERYONE in government. Tremendous energy and ability. I think we can support him even in our small environment. I would be honored to shake his hand and hope to meet him one day.

  • Give me a break...20 criminals in the past 7 days arrested... there are tens of thousands reported in the US... Nevada 21 MS members,  Ghee at that rate natural causes will take out more than our law enforcement. I'd be embarrassed to report such low numbers... whose kidding who? Those numbers are not indicative of a massive round up of MS-13 members they represent more of a failure of policing and a major crack-up than crackdown.

    I don't know what is so difficult about finding these MS 13 tattooed thugs... How is it possible to miss a walking tattoo, chewing coco leaves, speaking Spanish, and wearing his pants around his knees?   Heck just stake out the local tattoo parlors and you'd get more arrests than reported here.

    • When I was one of the town cops in Quantico, Virginia I had a heart to heart talk with the local head of MS13 in Spanish and I explained to him that his sainted mother had been hurt enough by his actions and she had to make her living in Qunatico and would he do me a personal favor and not cause her anymore problems. He simply said "yes sir". Some months later I was visiting a friend who was also a retired federal officer and working at a site with nine other armed private security guards. One MS13 member made smart mouthed remark towards me and the local head of MS13 walked over and slapped him across the face and in a very cold voice explained to him that I was a personal friend of his mother and if he ever showed me any disrespect, he would be a dead man. I have been around law enforcement my whole life ever since I was a little boy and Popeye the motorcycle cop a World War Two veteran in my home town of Donora, Pennsylvania would give rides in his side car. My late father and his deranged PSP friends dressed in bear costumes and would hold Chinese fire drills in front of the state store and run in to purchase adult beverages and they had dummies dressed as hunters on that old jalopy that they had to play around with and I was taught that state police diplomacy was telling someone to go to Hell nicely enough that looked forward to the trip. MS13 does not chew coco leaves though back in the day we did have a joke that Columbian cartels were terrified that in America we had Diet Coke and that would hurt their business. When I was stationed in Texas and old Texas Ranger taught me a great law enforcement truism “Boy, when someone is laughing they can’t fight you.” I have been shot a few times on the job but I survived.

    • I know MS13 doesn't chew coco leaves... that portion of my post was meant to be a parody... and MS13 members do use drugs.  The main point was to demonstrate how inept or misdirected DEA and the FBI have become when they are unable to locate and deport MS13 members as they go about in the Public Domain...  It was a poor attempt to get people reading it too laugh... while demonstrating we have a serious problem in law enforcement in their profiling... potential criminal elements in society.

  • President Trump is the only thing standing between us and anarchy!

    • Yeap, and at the current rate of arrests... 41 in the last 7 days... by Christmas, we may have enough to fill Santa's slay... At this rate, we certainly need someone to stand between us and the thousands of MS-13 members who have yet to be arrested... Anarchy and crime doesn't wait on the government to come looking for them... they are beating down the doors of our homes and businesses.  However, the FBI and others, somehow believe such shows of enforcement ... all 41 arrests, are a significant event... So much for good judgment and the scales of success. 

    • For a so called educated man you seem to have a problem with spelling...sleigh...

    • NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What 20 arrested in VA and 21 in Nevada... in the last 7 days.  Some crackdown... more like a crackup.  At that rate MS-13 members have more to fear from dying in an auto accident than in prison or from law enforcement.

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