With the election only three days away, the Democrats are starting to sweat as the poll numbers begin to reflect President Trump's support. 

Just like in 2016 when nearly every polling organization and media outlet predicted that there would be a landslide for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden's "overwhelming" poll numbers have been touted for months. 

But just as with the "invincible" Mrs. Clinton, Biden may be in for a big surprise come election day, at least if the numbers from the key Midwestern state of Iowa provide an indication of what's yet to come. 

According to a poll from the liberal Des Moines Register, Trump has now assumed a commanding lead in a state that has immense political importance as a bellwether and the results could be similar in other Midwestern states. 

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  • I believe the devildemocommiecrats and fake news propagandists are going to use fake polls to "deem" mr. dementia the winner no matter what the vote count is.  Even with fraud they will have a hard time stealing this election.

  • I am not surprised.  God's prophecy said that our Donald would be a two term president and God does not talk to himself talk.  God calls America "MY LOVE",  we should all say a prayer today and thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us again with our great President Trump.

    • Karol, I have prayed daily for many months that Trump/Pence would win and the deep state TRAITORS in both wings of the New World Order Socialist Party be removed from office and replaced by Christian patriots.

  • sleepy! Watch out. Steamroller headed your way! LMAO

  • Our country IS God's country. I hope and pray for another rout - an overwhelming defeat of the evil leftists.


      And every day that goes by brings out more DEMOCRAT corruption & evil.

      I am still waiting for Durham's report & for AG Barr to start arresting DEMOCRAT politicians, Dems in the upper echelon of law enforcement & the filthy, lying Main Stream Media aka the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party who participated in the coup to overthrow our President for the past 4 years.

      Silly me, I thought that TREASON was the most egregious of crimes in America, aside from murder.  And don't forget that the DEMOCRATS even support murder by emotionally & financially supporting ANTIFA & Black Liars Matter (wannabe cop killers). 


    • Don't hold your breath waiting for those two deep state pukes to do anything.  They are the first two Trump should fire and arrest !!!!!

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