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  • With Comeys daughter as DA Maxwell has nothing to worry about or the people she could rat on do ither so the American people will be kept in the dark as they feed us BS! Just like mushrooms!!!

  • Comey ,a corrupted "cop" . I hope that non of James rubbed off on his daughter .  

  • Its about time we bring the "protected class" to their knees..............

    • Wouldn't that be sweet.

  • Zuck the mother Zucker's...

  • Just more bullshit that we can't do a thing about!

  • Actually there are no rules for them, only for us and that must change. 

    Rather than wait for that last straw, let's discuss revolting against every straw they dump on our backs like marxists do.

    Develop an action plan or share what you do to poke your senators and reps to let them know what you want and expect.  Use the power that we still have to organize, share, strategize and present a formidable front, either for or against, on issues, announcements, trial balloons, just inundate our elected officials and social media to educate them on our perspectives.

    What do y'all think? 

    • I couldn't have said it better! I think about this stuff alot! I don't understand why there are so few people who are even willing to talk about it. Heck, I have long thought that we could have a big affect if we just followed what MLK did. Peaceful civil disobedience is a tool that clearly works. Your ideas are next level, but I think we have turned the other cheek for so long that now people are afraid, and lazy. Makes me sad.

  • Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • I smell a conflict of interest.

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