The B.S. Ticket


The Democrats have now concluded, overwhelmingly, that Joe Biden is a fake, one-term “transition” president. Surely, he has to go because of age and dismal favorability ratings. So, it is time to focus on what comes next. Even the New York Times has declared as much on its opinion page. And the Washington Post, which has always loudly championed Biden, says “Quit Joe, Quit.” 

Amazingly, 3 in 4 Democratic voters say they don’t want Joe anymore and are convinced an 82-year-old should not run again.

With such ringing endorsements and historically low polls, what’s a despairing party to do?

Realizing that Vice President Word Salad is a total flop and can’t do much besides cackle (even if identity politics is supposed to be supreme), they absolutely have to turn elsewhere. Kamala Harris’ ratings are even lower than Slow Joe’s, if that is possible. The blue-state governors are one possible option. Brain-impaired sociopath Gavin Newsom, from the increasingly deadly homeless haven of California, or Two-Ton Pritzker  of Illinois, likely won’t cut it, at least not when they’re fully vetted.

The progressives therefore should conclude that now their best ticket is . . . the B.S. choice.

Yes, Beto and Stacey 

Honestly, the only question in such an ebony and ivory ploy, is who to put on top. Both are such “proven” winners. Stacey Abrams says she won in Georgia and likely will “win” again in November, albeit by a negative count. Robert Francis O’Rourke, the rich white kid, from preppy Woodberry Forest, turned Hispanic, has lost his last three fights and is down in his bid to be governor in Texas—but this never stopped him from talking big, either. 

Together, the B.S. ticket could be just about unstoppable. Balanced in every way, what could be better?


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  • I would LOVE TO SEE them running in 2024, that will be a slam dunk for anyone the gop puts up!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That's what we thought of Halfwit  against Trump.......remember what happened there?


    Here is how I feel about the Beto and Stacey ticket! 

    Vomiting Ill GIF - Vomiting Ill Sick GIFs

    Questions? ....Didn't think so. 

  • Scary to contemplate, even scarier is that it could happen. When you look at the Dems getting the majority of the media attention as elections approach, these two are not an impossibility. A black female and a bucktooth inbred Kenneduy look-alike fit the party image. They should go for it.

  • Good two complete losers to be beaten


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