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  • "Soso-meme"  is NOT the "intelligent latina" she claimed she would be; just a liberal, activist jurist hack, wearing a black robe.

  • Marlene, What is before the Supreme Court are Two Avenues of choice. The First being "Does the Constitution grant the Federal Government Authority to make any Decisions on Abortions? If they decide " No" then as Written in Our Constitution "All Decisions Related to Abortions Refer to the Individual States." If they decide "Yes", they then must refer through " Case Law Decisions " in as close a reference to the Situations and Times of Enactments as Roe vs Wade. They will then either let it stand (unlikely) or take into account the most current Medical/Scientific Discoveries not revealed at the time of the "Original Decision." The most reasonable expectation is the Federal Government has No Jurisdiction and Control/Rights/Laws revert to the Individual States as intended in Our Constitution. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Correct me if I am wrong.   Braindead is a temporary state.   I don't know how long it lasts once machines are turned off.  Certainly not weeks or months.   A fetus is a fetus for roughly 9 months.  The fetus grows increasingly responsive while braindead becomes rapidly less functional.   And, the braindead is muscles twitching rather than responsive in any meaningful way.

    Reports indicat those fetuses actually pull themselves away from vacuum pullers.   That would seem to indicate some level of thouoght in the fetus.   It's not just a muscular response.  It is defensive action.   The only defense a fetus has.   And, a lot of abortionists actually cut up, dissect, the baby in the process of killing and removing it from nature's nest.   AND THE ABORTIONISTS ACTUALLY SELL THE BABYS' REMAINS.   

    Roe v. Wade was not about a woman's rights to her body.   Roe v, Wade was in response to the wave of welfare moms that had ever increasing production of babies to increase their welfare checks.  And, that new (at the time) phenomenon of SINGLE PARENT HOUSEHOLDS.   LOOK WHERE THAT HAS GOTTEN US.   Nothing against those that find themselves in the situation of single parent, but it's not the goal of most of them to be alone in the tasking.





  • How does a woman feel this way about a living human inside them even to think something like abortion are not completely repugnant!!!

  • Animals do not kill their babies, unless it is to protect them from fate worse than death.

  • The Congress could have changed this whole issue if they would have done their Job. In Roe the supreme court stated that they could not go against the right of a woman to do what she wants to her body due to privacy issues. The whole problem comes from what the definition of the word "PERSON" means in the constitution. It takes the congress to do that, not the supreme court. If they would define the word "PERSON" as a human being, without the inclusion as to race, color, gender,or if it is viable and only that a human is a being that can be identified by the DNA at conception then the rights afforded all "persons" under the constitution would apply to the unborn baby, thus nullifying Roe. We did not have DNA when Roe was decided at least not the level we have now. And if they can use it against a defendant in court it has precedent and could be the defining scientific prof that an unborn child is still a human being and is a separate human that has all the rights afforded it under the constitution.

  • Sotomayor Is a miserable excuse of a woman and I hope she never has children....( for the sake of children ) Her ex-husband wasted 7 years of his life before he found out what she was really like !!! Bet he's grateful he's no longer attached to this ignorant murderer !!!

  • Her attitude comes from sniffing too much air plane glue.

  • Well Iguess there is at least one brain dead woman on the Supreme Court!

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