• It would certainly be worth the pay off and I would contribute. But it requires more than a promise from her lying lips to never return. She shouldn’t even get to visit. It requires that as a promise from our government’s lying lips.


    Maybe we should pay her loans if SHE PROMISES TO LEAVE AMERICA  AND NVER COME BACK! Might be worth it! 

  • Communism is Unconsdtitutional. Now what,Dems.?

  • it's easy to play with other people's money. this reaffirms all i believe about and despise congress for

  • She probably got foreign loans, just like Obama, and Omar did. How about the campaign donations she received from the brotherhood? She doesn't even live in her own district, she serves Detroit, she lives in Dearborn. Send her back to whence she came. 

  • Tar, feathers and being run out of town on rails was wonderfully effective. We need to bring the practice back to rid our Communities of "Charlettons." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • There’s so many speaking against as well as actively undermining our great country. In regards to the squad, not a one of them deserve to be allowed to live here. All of us have seen many traitorous acts by these snakes and others. And the penalty for treason used to be clearly defined. If a government with scruples and backbone ever returns I pray that prosecution of traitors will become an important part of the agenda. If they don’t get shot, hanged, or electrocuted, these people should at least be exiled and forbidden to set foot on the soil they are not worthy to touch. That’s how Australia got started, though for different reasons. None of them should ever see America again. And we should never see or hear of them again. I know.... it’s a fantasy.

    • I like the idea of hanging TRAITORS, those in or out of government.  Today most of the American system is infested with very evil people interested only in their personal wealth and power.  satan has control over them, bribing them with wealth and power as long as they bow to him.  Those who won't bow he sends his minions to destroy!!!!!



  • Without the grades or money, the USAF and I made a deal and we both fulfilled our obligations, I do not believe that I should be responsible for the debts of others. 

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