Three Senate Republicans voted with Democrats on Thursday to make Ketanji Brown Jackson the first black female Supreme Court justice.

The Senate voted 53-47 to confirm Jackson as an Associate Justice for the United States Supreme Court.

Three Senate Republicans, Sens. Mitt Romney (R-UT), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), voted to confirm Jackson for the Supreme Court.

Romney failed to explain to Breitbart News why he opposed making Ketanji Brown Jackson a federal circuit judge last year and then voiced his support for her to become a Supreme Court Justice this year.

Collins voted against confirming a Republican president’s nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, for the Supreme Court, and voted to confirm Jackson as a justice on Thursday.

Senate conservatives raised significant concerns about Jackson’s judicial philosophy and her alleged soft-on-crime record.

Jackson refused to say if she holds a position on whether individuals have natural rights.

Breitbart News’s Wendell Husebo reported that Jackson sentenced those in possession of child pornography to nearly 60 percent less time than the national average. Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and others raised these concerns with Jackson during the confirmation hearings.

Jackson had also disagreed with an expert witness’s definition of pedophilia during a hearing while serving as the vice-chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission.

The then-Supreme Court justice nominee could not answer a question from Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) about if she could define “woman,” claiming that she is not a “biologist.”


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  • We all knew she was going to get in, but that A**H**L biteme is crying how mean the Republicans were to that Pedophil loving B***H.

  • I wish those 3 turncoat Republicans were from South Dakota, then I could vote them out of office.

    I will still, however, have the pleasure of voting against McConnell's azzkisser, Senator John Thune, in the primary

  • Another left wing lunatic on the SC, just what we need!

  • The three Republican Senators who voted with the Democrats need to be immediately thrown out of the party.... not censured or otherwise disciplined. These turncoats need to be thrown out of the Party... PERIOD. We need the public to understand that the GOP has standards and when violated they need to know the Party is capable of acting to discipline its members.  Let those three RINOs no longer use the GOP name.  Let the People know what the TRUE GOP COUNT is in the Senate. So they can vote out the Liberal, Marxist, and Progressive Globalists. 

    Stop acting as if the GOP has 50% of the US Senate... They are lucky to have 40% of the US Senate on conservative and Constitutional issues.  Sen. McConnell must go NOW! He is 90% of the problem in the Senate.

    • Exactly How do we make that happen?

    • We Start by showing up in mass... wherever these RINOs and McConnell show up.  We start by publically humiliating them,  demanding they resign.  We start by asking the various State GOP officials to throw these offending members out of the party, NOW! Too, H with their being needed to regain the Senate... the GOP does nothing with the Senate when they have it!  What we need to do is to throw out both parties and install citizen politicians... who serve one term and then return to their homes and businesses.  We need to shit can all these subversive agents of corruption... preferably putting them in prison and/or deporting them.

      If we can't get our own party to support the conservative majority or its planks... how do we expect to retake Washington?  We must FIRST throw out the  RINOs, running the RNC.  Trump needs to reexamine his affiliation with much of the GOP.... he must become the strong man that cleans up the party or we will lose our nation... if we haven't already lost it. 

      Our problem is not the Democrats... it's the GOP/RNC and their unpredictable support for our values and their proclivity to go rogue way too often.... too, favor Marxist and GLobalist policy.  We must clean up our own house before we can clean out Congress.

    • We Start by showing up in mass... wherever these RINOs and McConnell show up.  We start by publically humiliating them... Becareful Col. as MaxiPad Waters might file a plagarism case against you!

    • MaxiPad Waters, Concern Citizen I like that name for her, but she can be declared a bleeding heart liberal , or ready for this  one a used maxi pad, Yeck

    • Mike thanks! Whenever I run across one of her outbursts my response opening line is: MaxiPad's leakin again! With the garbage they spew on an almost constant basis I try to use a bit of satire, sarcasm or humor in an attempt to highlight just how out of touch with their constituents and reality they really are! 

    • Good one Concern citizen and thanks also.

This reply was deleted.