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  • The short answer is no. Demented and giggles are still on the loose.

  • demented joe and giggle harris are...

    • You mean the laughing hyena?

  • During the past nine months the "FELON" in the oval office has turned everything he touched to CRAP!

    • That's what Dennis Prager thinks..."everything the left touches is ruines".

  • Surely, he jests!

  • HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The issue at this time being a far greater number of Citizens know the Limitations and Boundaries set forth in Our Constitution to Contain and Control the Power of Our Three Branches of Government than those within those Branches of Government. The problem being, those with the knowledge are powerless to correct it, and those who have the power of correction, could care less! Thank God for Our Declaration of Independence for The Safety Valve!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • When I see and hear people such as Senator Grassley, my mind wanders to "1,001 things to do with a human body using a M-80!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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