• As a Vietnam veteran with the 101 Airborne we had a commitment not to leave no one behind but not today, how can this general wear the 101th Airborne patch and leave Americans behind he should be removed 

  • Bet it is more like 1000 than 100.  Blinken is the poster boy for failure.

  • Blinken  of the 3 stooges,  WINKEN (heels up) BLINKEN (gone in a blink) and NOD   (NODS OFF EVERY DAY)

    My new window sign is 50 YEARS OF FUBAR JOE.

  • Once the President is observed running around the White House lawns waving his arms, NAKED, well you just have to admit to something!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Funny!!  Yes, indeed, that certainly would get our attention!!

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