• "Why are drugs crossing our southern border not bothering the Biden Administration?" - - - ever heard of "kicbacks"?

  • sanctuary cities are run by devildemocommiecrats and their satanic agenda involves turning America into a puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship with them ruling this part of it!!!!!  They will have 7 years to run rampant before Jesus comes back and casts them into the Lake of Fire where they will suffer terribly for eternity!!!!!  I am happy to suffer under their tyranny in this life if IO must because I know my etenity is in Heaven with Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

    • And that's where you and I part ways Mike.  I didn't buy all the Jesus pie in the sky when the Catholics were slinging it and I don't buy it now either.  Maybe so; maybe not, but I want justice and a pint of beer when I buy it here on earth and I want the law now.  Jesus can rock and roll with perfection and your soul when it's His turn.  I'm not satisfied with the bye and bye for what's suppose to be the here and now.

      The devil your soul and Jesus go in one bag.  This country and the law of which we are all stake holders go in another bag.  Religion and the klaw are sperate and distinct.

  • Did anyone ever think the people who are making these policies weren 't making money off of the drugs, human trafficing and money laundering? 

  • The Marxist Socialist Democrat coup members just passed a bill to weaponize the IRS and fund the take over of America. 

    People will soon be slaves to the global coup Marxist Socialist Government.  No one will own property except the New Government? 

    Will American people fight back?

  • Make no mistake about it.  The Democrat party is the communist party in America.  The entire Biden crime family regime is bent on destroying America.

    • Ray, correct!!!!!  ALL devildemocommiecrats think they are "god" and should be ruling the universe but they will find out one day they are just food for fire and brimstone!!!!!!!!!!


  • Here is the way to remove the Marxist Socialist coup members from the Government. Arrest all members of Congress and the Executive for failure to obey a Constitutional mandate to protect States from illegal alien invasions - This would include all cabinet level bureaucrats.

    It is very possible they could be charged with Treason.

    Only the Military could make these arrests and conduct trials. This could fill GETMO with criminal coup members. 

    • Sounds good to me... I've been pushing for Martial Law, massive arrrests, and trials by military triunals in GITMO for most of Congress and Cabinet level members of the Administration... the New World Order is an anti-American and unconstituitonal movement.  It is treason as it seeks to replace our present system of government.

  • You ask why isn't the fentynal trade a concern for Democrats...  I ask, why would the Drug Lords of America cut off their reenue by enforcing our borders?  Why do criminals do what they do best... wage war on the general public?  Why would Hunter and his gang of tatooed thugs suddenly decide too become law abiding members of society?

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