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  • Isn't it funny how when people agree with you they are always correct! RFK Jr. Agrees with me and I'm positive He's Right!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Wow, a thinking Kennedy. He must have taken some smart pills.

  • Because of Biden's doctoral bullying manipulation over this Covid Virus "MEDIA/Political induced Panic, the United States currently has a Covid Mortality Rate of 1,500 Citizens a day. What isn't being told is that Two Years ago Under President Trump's Administration, the Homicide Rate was 1,115 Citizens per Day. Currently under Biden, with the " Political Endorsement " for Antifa, BLM and Illegal Immigrants the Current Monthly Homocide Rate Is 11,600! Think of the increase when even more Police Officers leave as a result of Mandated Vaccinations. Keep in mind that "Historically" All Pandemics reach "Herd Immunity" within a 24-30 month span of time, with or without Vaccinations. For those interested in statistics, the rise in "Suicides" in the United States is comparable to the Homicides for the same Time Periods. The danger was never in a Virus. The danger was in the willingness to become "Sheep!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Robert Kennedy Jr seems to have moved strongly to conservative.  He's been espousing the right thinking for quite a while now.  Yes he's a real Kennedy, and seems to have turned a corner.  Praise God!

    • I don't know if he's "moved". That he's a Kennedy doesn't mean he is or was on the Left "moving to the Right. I know that he's aligned with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Judy Mikovits and that's all good!

  • Politicians forget they are elected to serve the will of the people.  The socialist Biden type of politicians think the opposite and must be removed. We Americans will never let these socialist marxist politicians take away our freedoms without a fight to the end.  

  • All good people

  • Perhaps the World has witnessed the birth of a Second Diogenes.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Proud of all of them  incl Kennedy

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