• STASI!

  • Reminds me, frightenly,  of The Kent State Massacre!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • There is only one hope and that is Jesus Christ, Then, Use our peaceful resources to end socialism at the local level, true the vote, and vote in conservatives at the local level, the State level, and of course, the federal level.  Constitutional - Patriotic - Conservatives must organize and stand firm against the socialist takeover of our great nation.  If we don't change at the village level, it does not matter what we do at the national level, ... God has allowed all of this to happen over the past half-century or longer, to show us just who we can trust and who we cannot.  Thank you, Lord, for teaching me why the evil strategies of the socialists work so well.  We need to keep our eyes on you, and for the non-Christian Patriotic Conservative, we all need to stay united and strong against the evil one and his socialist goals for the United States; rebuke evil in the name of Jesus and it will flee.   

    • Amen.

  • Screw them dont let them intimidate you Let them jump they won't like the response

  • Cowards!

  • Fumigating VERMIN demoCRAPS is a HARD job, but all signs point to the vermin demoTARDS getting CREAMED in 2022, lets MAKE SURE to VOTE folks!

  • All we seem to do is talk but we actually do nothing about it. Unfortunately the Marxist left know this.

    • What would you like to DO about it? Please tell me your plan.

  • Intimidation,trying to make the parents silent in fear of what the regime might do to them!

    time to stand strong!

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