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  • Articles, Laws and Rules are meaningless without the Peoples personal commitment to enforce them. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain



  • Good for them, BUT, it's playing right in to the hands of the Biden agenda. It would be better if they continue to work inspite of the mandate. 

    • ADMIN

      This is not playing into Biden's agenda. The clueless swamp monsters in DC thought we 'useless eaters' in flyover country or red states would bow down to their edicts. You might want to check out how Lech Walesa kicked the communist out of the Polish government and became the first democratically elected president. 

    • Exactly Dee... now is our opportunity, to capitalize on the spontaneous strikes taking place in the airline and air-traffic systems... expand it to TRUCKERS and non-essential medical staff.

  • If it,s true GOOD FOR THEM !

  • Any person "Truly Elected to Office" to Stand in our Sted, regardless of Party affiliation, would have stood on either Floor of Congress and Screamed at Biden, "You shall demand nothing of American Citizens Against Their Bill of Rights!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • For a moment, setting aside all debates centered on the "Covid Virus", what is left appears to be a TEST of Government's " May, Should and Shall", influence on its peoples.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • But lets not fight each other. The war has to be against the satanic entities.

    • Agreed Arnold.


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