• Harris got her butt handed to her by Mike Pence in their debate. The dem-wits are right to be afraid.  PDJT would eat her lunch buy her another one and eat that too. 

    • "Harris got her butt handed to her by Mike Pence in their debate"

      Wouldn't you?

      Loathsome Mike no doubt dumped it as quick as he could.

  • The main focus should not be beating the opposing candidate whoever it may be. The MAIN FOCUS needs to be cleaning up the corruption in government on EVERY  LEVEL that allowed this insane situation to happen in the first place!! People should be in jail right now, being tried for treason and other crimes altering results of a presidential election! But nobody is in jail! They got away with it! This should be everyone's conversation every day!! Not beating Harris! Now they're coming for our state and local elections because they can....pandoras box is wide open. 

  • Nothing will ever stop me from voting, but the Dems will cheat and lie her in just like they did the other dummy. 

  • joke.   So Dems actually thought she might be able to beat Trump...?   OMG...what elementary and bogus thinking is that...  She would barely win driver of the year for a garbage truck.

  • I was under the impression that there was no way she could walk into the WH...she's an anchor baby, not born in the US, but Canada. Am I wrong!?

    • You're not wrong. The same, and worse, happened in 2008 when a foreign national, who did not have and still does not have, standing as an American citizen, namely, Barry Soetoro (aka Obama), was put on the ballot, and those in power knew it. Every damn one of them should be in prison for their treasonous shenanigans. Even the 1960 election was stolen, so Kennedy was not President, either.

  • The 2020 election was stolen. Biden did not win it. The propaganda machines and corruption at every level stole the 2020 election and it's going to happen again in 2024 and we all know why. Who was arrested?  Nobody.  Therefore Kamala, Bozo the clown 🤡 or even AOC , whoever they want! What's changed?  The same Democrats "posing" as Republicans (Collins, Murkowski, Romney, etc) are still in place. They got away with it in 2020, and nothing was done that will change the outcome in 2024. If it can happen in the Presidential election it can happen at any elections. I'm just being real, folks. 

    • Its 'the how' that has set folks back LeeAnn. The 'in broad daylight' betrayal of America by the Joint Congress (who decides the validity of a presidential election), enabled by the Judiciary, and supported by renegade elements of the Executive, has floored the people.You cannot expect them to jump into action like emergency responders, as much as that sounds great. Fundamental presumptions about our political systems soundness in election integrity has exploded in folks faces like the joke cigar. This problem is so alarming and severe, that seditionist perpetrators must be judged and life-imprisoned or executed. Treason, sedition, and insurrection, like murder, are capital crimes (as I understand them) and have no statute of limitations. The perpetrators only live on the borrowed time afforded by the People before prosecution.

      I have shared that the Federal government is a parallel government to the state and local forms, and once having met Constitutional requirements, need not pay heed to what voters say afterwards, until the next election (just how many average folks do you think grasped that before this mess?).

      That leaves state and local arenas where voters DO have direct input with office holder consequences. And if the People fail to set state and local governments straight on what their will is, then the people get the government they deserve.

      CRT backlash is a great test where folks get involved, instead of just complying in learned helplessness. The Progressivist rape of civil liberties is now being appreciated, with the victim coming to resolute conclusions, I pray.

      Your canary song in the coal mine is valued. Aversion to Progressivist-like recklessness is also valuable, at least to me.

      'What shall we do about all this', should be everyones real first step?

    • I'm afraid you're exactly correct. I say the same myself. God help us.


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