• To everybody who's curious at all about the People's Convoy and the hows and whys,   IF you do nothing else tomorrow, you will enjoy learning about how it happened, what's happening, and that the reason and purpose behind it are all in Paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence.   The livestream video is the best of the best.   it is an interview between SASNAK a truckdriver and GrayWolf another organizer and there is just so much information in it.   It has a lot on the States Convention and how that brings in the TERM LIMITS.  GrayWolf is very knowledgeable and explains why a TRUCKERS STRIKE WOULD KILL THE WHOLE DEAL.   It's almost 2 hours long.   And well worth the time.   However, if you want the heart of the legalities forward to 1.07 or thereabouts.  And, you just may decide to go back and listen to the whole thing.

    It's at YouTube   People's Convoy  SASNAK 3/12/22 LET'S TALK is the title of it.   No trucks on this one except it is inside SASNAK'S TRUCK.

    I've not heard GrayWolf speak before.   He's extremely well informed and has interfaced with the Canadian convoy leaders.   YOU WILL LEARN MORE ON THIS VIDEO THAN ANY OTHER OUT THERE RIGHT NOW.      He explains how he is former Army, Others of the organizers are Air Force, Army, and at least one Marine.   He explains how they organized using those military skills.


    • I forgot 2 things.    26 miles of people waving flags, jumping and cheering on the People's Convoy in just one town in Texas.   My comment is maybe people ticked off about our border?

      and in New Mexico a couple things.  Navajo women cooked food for the convoy in 11 degree weather and the next morning their Chief came out to support the convoy.   They do not normally do stuff like this.   

      And in Tucumcari, the leaders got a phonecall saying they would block them if they went around the town on route 66.  The mayor there demanded they drive through town and allow the people there to support them.


    • The people are read, sick and tired of the government overreach and corruption. Obviously they are looking at the truckers effort like they do Trump and they are willing to come,out to support it. You mentioned the Navajo usually not getting involved.......I'm waiting for the Amish to finally decide they can't leave it all to God.

    • Don't think that will ever happen.  A bully attacks an Amish and they just take it.

      You might enjoy that video that I suggested.    It answers all the questions the troublemakers here have been so irritating on.

      The man who guys by GrayWolf is a very good speaker.   He is extremely well versed in LAW.   Was Army And if there's a question, he knows the answer and he'll tell you the reason that is the answer.   I've watched a lot of livefeeds from the Convoy.   This is the best of the best.

      Yesterday was a downday because of the snow there.   There was one accident.  An ambulance slid out and no one hurt.

      Brian Brasse went tent to tent and camper the night before to make sure no one would freeze to death.   It was in low teens.   Many of the car people are living in their cars and many more are in tents.   A local brought tons of wood for campfires.   Brian called and asked for more.

      One family had small children and they feared for them.   The organizers / leaders passed the hat and paid for a hotel room for them.   This is the kind of people leading this.  Brian had been up since like 4 am as he did a ride into DC to check the area where his meetings later in the day were scheduled.  He did a full day of those meetings and still did that couple hours of checking on everybody.    Many motorhome and rv people took people in for the night.   Empty trucks were offered as shelters.

      I feel a little guilty bringing the info over here and supporting it totally here.   I would return the favor and promote Tea Party (we used to carry a lot of weight in public opinion).   But the negative ones are a real turn off and very discouraging.   I see them as trolls.   We could use some new blood here and these attacks chase people awy in droves.

      btw   All those phonecalls that are requested are having exactly the desired effect.   Congress members are complaining that they can't use their phones because they are jammed up with calls and messages.   This has happened before and it leads to them LISTENING AND HEARING WHAT'S WRONG.   Then they tend to do what's REQUESTED.  


      Have a wonderful day.   

      Those tidbits above are from the video.   They are very inspiring to me and many others.


    • I am very involved in the Amish community, personally know many families, see them weekly. We have deep conversations about everything. They are very passive, but when it comes to their pocketbook they pay close attention. Most of them are dependent on the "English" for their prosperity, they make furniture, kitchen cabinets, childrens clothing by the thousands to sell online, the eggs, upholstery, making flooring, doors, maple syrup, quilts, their vegetable stands, and those who grow produce they auction off every week. You should see some of their setups, they are like little factories and they have all the kids working it. It's all dependent on the English. The only business they have for their own needs are making buggies, and the supplies for the horses, but even in that businesss they sell thousands dollars worth of different things to the English who deal with horses. You should see the harness shop with little 5-8 year olds setting rhinestones. 
      If economy goes south, if gas is unaffordable, they will not have most of this business, people aren't going to be splurging on their horses, building new kitchens, and I bet the produce will suffer with no fertilizer.......that's when the Amish will beging to see the importance of what is going on. They don't realize how reliant they are on the English, and without them they will live like their ancestors did.......and the youth doesn't like it!

      Please keep the info coming on the truckers.

    • Amish bought the 700 acre, Upstate NY family farm from my brother in law.   

      On horses.   If there is a horse auction, they will take home the best.  They will not be outbid.

      Around here in NJ, Amish sell their cooking and other products as huge auctions where they may have the DELI part.     And, they provide products to Walmart.   My favorite coleslaw and I'll make a special trip just to get it  Nobody else makes as good.  Pennsylvania Dutch is good homestyle cooking at its best.   Not just my opinion.

      The quilts are works of art.   My sister often took care of my brothers dogs when he had to travel for Sirius Satellite.   He was VP in charge of Spacecraft control (the salellites).   He bought her an Amish quilt as a gift for doing that for him.  

      Lancaster, PA is a great shopping mecca and lots of Amish involved.    They have a restaurant that is the highlight of many busloads of shoppers going there.


  • Not "needs", wants.

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  • Pelosi, the Queen of Sneaking Pork.

    • And $15 a pint ice cream.


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