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  • I'm sure the big guy got his 10%.

  • Watch nothing will be done just because they are all democrats. 

  • What lawmakers 9 trillion stolen from Americans?

  • Show me a government program that isn't rife with fraud and corruption

  • It is just not covid.  These people that provide equipment and other medical services are getting rich.  They are ripping the American people off.   

  • Really?  Democrats steal?  I bet it is much more than the $150 million - and we just keep paying and paying!!!   Any hospital or Dr. that went along with it should have their credentials taken away, they are not fit to be health care providers.

  • I would imagine it is MUCH higher than that

  • Of course the Drs & hospitals all got very wealthy from this farce.Why would so many people that had other health symptoms suddenly did of the covid. What a corrupt bunch & years down the road more will be found out


    • This will be proven to be the NAZI gaschambers of the USA in history books,.   Fauci = mengele.

    • Did we expect anything less. The hospitals have been corrupt for decades, theyhave been overcharging for decades, they have been running tests not necessary for decades, they didn't treat Covind early onset because they wanted everyone to be hospitalized so they can charge them. No,one has done anything about any of that all these years, they aren't going to do anything about Covid. 
      as if this isn't enough, all the money the government sent out, how much of it went to illegals, how many people filed fraudulently, how many got the business loans that have no businesses, on and on,this could be an endless list!

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