Sorry everybody for not keeping you updated on what happened with Brian D. Hill. The evidence has been filed years ago that Brian was tortured into falsely pleading guilty just like what they did to the Trump Supporters. They did this to J6 peaceful protesters when only a ninimal number of people forcefully came in including men with ski masks, and then the police waived in the rest of the protesters who were tricked into going into the U.S. Capitol. They are being tortured into taking guilty plea agreements and giving up their rights to a jury trial. They tortured Brian D. Hill and he was going to lose his SSI benefits if he had not falsely plead guilty. So Brian was tortured and coerced. The evidence of the medical torture is in this video.


The proof links are put here so that it isn't just on the blog, the proof evidence needs to be researched by good lawyers, military, and influencers. Roger Stone believes that Brian is innocent and deserves a full pardon or acquittal of his Federal charge. I have the evidence of that too. We have the screenshots, we have the evidence. So Brian needs the Court of Public Opinion to make it's verdict on Brian being acquitted.


Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, was TORTURED into Falsely Pleading Guilty; like Trump Supporters, and is also being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court System Proof documents and links here due to character limit on Video Descriptions: First campaign Video "Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court": The proof is provided in the links and this description. All is open sourced from public websites and organizations and can be accessed online and even from PACER.GOV of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina CM/ECF. The corrupt Federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder, Middle District of North Carolina had known since Brian D. Hill's 2255 Motion that he had facts and proof favorable towards his Actual Innocence even if it isn't HARD EVIDENCE, he had evidence that he was tortured by medical neglect by only being given a limited amount of insulin and always given to him a few hours after each meal in Jail. They wait till each meal he eats causes his blood sugars to run high before they finally give him insulin which takes even more hours to break down the carbs and glucose in the body. That is VERY DANGEROUS for a type one brittle diabetic and can kill him and slowly damage his organs such as nerves, kidneys, eyesight, Brian can die, D I E, DIE. The Judge knew all of this but refused to do anything to remedy it. The guilty plea was false and was manufactured by TORTURE. The evidence is there for any lawyer or average journalist or activist or Information Warrior who wishes to investigate the claims made in this video. The same corrupt Judge who basically ignored all evidence swaying towards Brian's Actual Innocence, that same Judge denied all uncontested motions which would have ended the illegal fraudulent criminal sentence of Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Brian is ACTUALLY INNOCENT and had been proven with the uncontested motions of Brian's actual innocence. Brian also proven medical neglect which is torture in the jails. It may take a lot of time to review over the Federal Pleadings but all prove Brian's innocence and prove that his guilty plea was false and obtained by torture. Brian was entitled to remedy and relief as a matter of law aka Local Rule 7.3 and Due Process Clause. Even the U.S. Supreme Court said Actual Innocence overcomes procedural time bars. Fraud on the Court and proven fraud perpetuated by the U.S. Attorney Office which are Government lawyers mean that Brian David Hill is innocent of his charge possession of child pornography. THEY TORTURED THIS MAN TO PLEAD GUILTY, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR WERE TORTURED???????????????????????? GO HERE FOR PROOF LINKS here due to character limit on Video Descriptions:
Proof links:

Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea after falsely pleading guilty:

Factual Statement in support of Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea:
The filings which were all made prior to Brian accepting guilt and going along with sentencing, Brian didn’t know about the download dates in the NC SBI report, and neither did he get to read over the discovery materials with a fine tooth comb prior to his false guilty plea. How ridiculous.

EXHIBITS 1-12 by BRIAN DAVID HILL re 128 Memorandum. Civil Case 1:17CV1036. (Taylor, Abby) (Additional attachment(s) added on 11/15/2017: # 1 Envelope) (Taylor, Abby). (Entered: 11/15/2017):

2255 Motion asserting Actual Innocence:

Document 37 Affidavits from family:

Arrest Warrant executed by Special Agent Brian Dexter of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Winston-Salem, NC:

Document 82 with proof of Butner, NC Medical Record showing Brian’s Diabetic blood glucose A1C was 10.9 which is dangerously high:
Proof that the Jails took very poor care of Brian’s type 1 brittle diabetes. Brian was risking serious organ damage every day he spent in Jail. You see how people just falsely plead guilty after going through something this horrible.

Document 128 brief of 2255 Motion which also indexed Exhibits:
Additional Attachments — Document #128, Attachment #1:
Additional Attachments — Document #128, Attachment #2:

Docket Index on Courtlistener:

Transcript — Document #114 of Federal Court hearing on 09/03/2014 before Judge William L. Osteen, Jr.:

Transcript — Document #115 of Federal Court hearing on 09/30/2014 before Judge William L. Osteen, Jr.:

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit asking for discovery materials from U.S. ATtorney Government:

Proof that Brian Dexter worked for Homeland Security:

Just one medical article about the serious issues involving diabetes, there are many more:

Articles about human rights abuses, inhumane treatment of Prisoners:

Legal cases about confessions and guilty pleas having to be knowingly, voluntary:
Was not used:

Inhumane treatment of January 6 protesters:

Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News articles used in video:

Evidence of NC SBI Report, leaked photographs:

Used for Screenshots:

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