• She's as evil as the C.C.P. so of course she would. Xi owns The USURPING ASS HOLE in thw White House NOW!

    You think they plan on starving and freezing a lot of us to death this winter?..................COUNT ON IT AND PREPARE!!!

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  • Commie pelosi would collude with the devil if she saw it would benefit her plan for the "great reset"; notably she "hobnobbed" with the communist pope last week (at taxpayer expense) and dragged her husband along as her travel companion.  Commie pelosi and francis are probably planning their next moves.  As an aside, I have to ask "who" authorized this trip and the waste of taxpayer money?

  • Pelosi ........ A threat to the constitution and bill of rights .   Pelosi = ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE .

  • The People allowed the Governments to create themselves Systems where only they can Charge Themselves with Crimes. When All in Government are Guilty, who are left to Charge but the People themselves?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Yes; she would and did. She should be in prison for treason along with Beijing Biden and all the rest.

  • Piglosi like all Democrats is a traitor 

  • I think any democrat will do anything to retain the power that they hve.  

  • I agree with JJ Jensen.

  • We had the man to win this, the liberal sheep rejected him. 

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