Outbreak at Honolulu Nursing Home Shatters 'Pandemic of the Unvaccinated' Narrative from Every Angle

Americans are bombarded on a daily basis with claims that if enough people get vaccinated, we can beat the so-called Covid-19 “pandemic.” We are hammered by government officials, most notably the current occupant of the Oval Office, about how all of our problems are perpetuated by a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” All the while, those who have not gotten the Covid injections are gaslighted, bullied, and segregated from society for the sake of “protecting the vaccinated.”

It’s all a lie. While mainstream media trumpets the pro-vaccine talking points sent down from the powers-that-be, they actively suppress and censor legitimate science that counters their narrative. Those of us who oppose the medical dictatorship that is being imposed upon all Americans suffer from an abundance of stories that back our claims while being limited in the channels through which we can spread the truth. I personally face this problem on a daily basis.

Today’s bombshell that won’t get reported by anyone in mainstream media and shockingly few in conservative media comes from the Care Center of Honolulu. The skilled nursing facility houses nearly 150 residents, the vast majority of whom have received their Covid jabs. They are cared for by a staff that is even more prominently vaccinated than their patients. Considering the vulnerable status of the residents, the protocols they employ to prevent spread of infections are as strong as any place in the country. They have been praised by multiple medical organizations for going above and beyond what is required to prevent viral spread.

This should be the last place a Covid-19 outbreak could possibly occur if we are to trust the narrative spread by the powers-that-be. Those who believe such lies will be shocked to learn the facility is in the midst of a massive outbreak that has hit over a third of the residents and forced a staffing shortage that threatens to unravel an already-delicate situation.

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  • I never imagined that all those who bought "Pet Rocks" would one day be elected to an Office. On reflection it makes perfect sense.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • You are spot on

    • Yes it does, how funny.

    • Reject the medical pandemic Great Reset.
    • Reject the climate change Great Reset.
    • Reject the carbon tax Great Reset
    • Reject the Great Reset under any pretext.

    They are all lies and a direct genocidal attacks upon Humanity.

    Insist on undertaking your own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

    under your own authority given by God himself.

    • I agree.

    • I have to rate a ringer once in a while.

      Just the laws of probablity in action.

  • it's the Democrats fault for the covid19 just because they don't want Donald Trump to be in white house and now they try to have all American to take the vaccine I got news for all of them I am not going to take the vaccine I don't care what joe biden want to do to Americans.

  • Wake the hell up! The vaccines are causing the spread of COVID. It has happened in Israel, Australia nad Iceland. Those 3 countries are over 75% vacinated and thier hospitals are full of people with COVID. The sad part is that every one of those people have been fully vacinated. Go to VAERS at the CDC website, over 6,000 people have died from these vaccines. The CDC says that only 1% are reporting on that website, so do the math. That means that there are possibly 600,000 deaths caused by the vaccines. It is time to expose this death cult. Call or e=mail your reps in congress, give them the website to go to do yjsy they have no excuse.

  • This sort of reaction to a medical emergency should become criminal.... as denying key information early to prevent a deadly outbreak is involuntary manslaughter at a minimum... where are the DA's and Prosecutors... they are covering for this criminal activity and need to be listed as co-conspirators in this criminal activity... and medical abuse of the elderly and disabled.

  • Wait for it. The Biden Medical Scientific Community will call this an "Anomaly."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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