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The covid recommendations from the brilliant sciency-people at the CDC have turned to a comedic level. From one mask to two.. to three, they are now recommending, and I swear I’m not making this up, that we wear panty hose on our faces.

We’ve reached epic level stupid.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has finally recognized that the masks they’ve had everyone wearing for the better part of a year are largely ineffective because aerosols easily go around the top and sides.

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  • This people are stupid all they want is more power over our life the virus is invisible and their is nothing that can defeat it only your body. God gave us a body to fight anything let the body immune the various. I only wear a mask when needed but I sure do not use it while driving.

  • Mad with Power.

  • One more piece of overwhelming evidence that shows our government is full of perverts of the worst kind (like pedos)

  • I am sure Covid-obsessives are wondering how to avoid smearing their make-up

    with panty hose over their heads, women included.

    Become Less Ugly: I'll Stick with my Lipstick!

  • So a chastity belt for the face!! Bahahaha 😳🤭😏😳😁

  • I wear no mask and have for a long time. If I had something to spread to others I would wear one.

  • Maybe clown noses will be next. The CDC has no clue what they are talking about. At this point, they just want to see how much we will listen to them. It's all about control 

  • Well duh....masks are not necessary at all ...N95 would be the only one to work against viruses...but they have to be fitted for exact size and no beards or mustaches...have to seal. o how much flu have we had this season...nary a peep.I will not comply with stupid. The commie/marxists have taken over our beloved USA...


    • You are absolutely correct, Debra. As a practicing dentist, I could see the folly by having the general public required to wear even a "surgical mask" (even at level three designation) because of the lack of peripheral seal,  It has been pathetic to watch people "cover up". These guidelines were obiously not to protect the wearer of the mask ...but to decrease aerosols coming from the wearer. I have always worn an n95  in public,  securily sealed as best possible usually with a surical mask over to enhace its fit. to protect ME.. Although not perfect it is better than any surgical mask alone. ANYTHING ELSE IS USELESS. We health professionals absoutely need these masks, and I understand why other masks are being  promoted.  Unfortunately, our government has put us into the hands of foreign enemies that control our supplies of medical products let alone pharmaceuticals.  It is tragic. NO mask will be effective without a absolute peripheral seal.  

  • F'the CDC

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