• Problem here is that the policies of the Communist Left ARE being implemented, with just a 'little' help from the manufactured Pandemic.

    'You are being FORCED to do things you would NEVER do, under normal circumstances. 
    All under the guise of 'WE know exactly want to do, for YOUR safety,

    and our gain of control over YOU.NEVER FORGET...CONTROL is the bottom line for all those on the Left, and the newly emerging Progressive Right.

  • No matter how she spins it, it’s still a Build Back Broke economy. Once they destroy coal production as they did oil and natural gas then they will suceeded in wrecking the economy.  Get ready for higher energy bills and rolling blackouts. 

  • How STUPID can one person be???

  • No You-Know-What, Sherlock!’ Jen Psaki Goes Off Why don't the Liberal Communist Democrats just admit they are full of shit liars. One hand lies to the other hand and only bull shit comes out.

    ‘No You-Know-What, Sherlock!’ Jen Psaki Goes Off
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  • They are no longer educated in colleges and universities,  they are indoctrinated.   Do yourself a favor.  Find a truly conservative university or don't spend your money paying them to brain wash you children. 

  • What has brainwashed the left?

  • Isn't she supposed to be leaving her job soon?  Can't wait to see who is dumb enough to take this job!

  • Smart kids = useful (to the Communists) idiot!  It is so depressing how many allegedly educated people are si dumb and/or dishonest.

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