• The truth is out for all to see, even after they hacked his site 3 times (most likely China and communists working for Biden). Great 3 day event exposing the truth for all the world to see! Please post on social media ( probably they'll take it down) and anyone you know overseas. We are the Tea Party, let the revolution begin. They can't stop MAGA 100 million strong most likely by now..

  • America has the VERY BEST of excellent Marksmen and Snipers!!! Think Chris Kyle!!!! We need these kind of men to step up and get the job DONE!!!!

  • The voting is rigged. The machines are owned by the evil globalists. They add thousands of dead people votes as immigrants pour in by the zillions who will vote Dem by bribe. We have all seen it with Bidens fraudulent election. The dominion machines, The fake ballots, The counting AFTER everyone left. Does anyone really think that thinking humans would elect Lori Lightfoot, Witmer, Pelosi, Waters & Newsome among other losers who have done NOTHING for their States and districts? Nothing will ever change unless the good masses take a stand, form militias and physically remove these demons from power!

    • I SO agree with you, we need to form militias.

  • Remove them from office make sure your election is fair and not stolen from you 

  • Hey people of New York, wake up - you get the government for which you vote.  You put the cretin's in office; have you learned your lesson?

    • That goes for demoncrat run states

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