• Adfter what happened on January 6, would you want to risk allowing another such attack by not having enough security?

    • If you knew a huge rally opposing an electoral action in Congress was being held on the day of the action, would you risk not having enough Capitol building security with a scheduled skeleton force?

      But that is exactly what happened that day.

  • Far be it from me to state that everything is going to plan,  so relax and trust.

    But it seems to me that without actual violent action in play,

    Our idle standing army in the field seems a monument to paranoid impotency.

    Unless this force is to be used, it embarrasses those who summoned it lacking imminent threat.

    Who owns this? Congress has not uttered one peep about the National Guard being excessive.

    If Congress felt threatened by the National Guard, surely it would say something.

    This has some of the trappings of a Ghandi passive disobedience moment. 

  • What is more concerning is that you're not hearing much about this new influx of Natl. Guard to DC from media. You can part of this intimidation.

  • I think the chicons have the keys to DC already.

  • It's because the conservative side of "We the People" have them scared shitless.

  • They are planning something to blame on Trump supporters and conservtives

  • time to send notice and each state pick a approved persons to give articles of impeachment to impeach these congress since there is so vey much evidence of every democrat congressman commiting fraud and treason, fabricating lies to impeach a President they said they would do before he entered office. They are actring way outside the constitution and in a criminal manner all of them. there is no meaninful law making Body to stop the crime and suspend the FBI as well fr their ongoing cover-ups, Now the Russia hoaks criminals are being appointed to high office as the promised rewards for their crime. The FBI is no longer a meaningful entity to enforce the laws against perjury and tyranny.

    • We still lack the lawful mechanism through state action to remove federal office holders once installed.

      The Federal government does not need to respond to any states overtures in this area.

      In irritation, I say it will take Constitutional modifcation requiring ratification, to establish this remedy.

      Congressionally issued Amendment (LOL), or Convention of States (which still lacks 6 states for the threshold number 34 participant states) is the way.

      Washington D.C. has made itself painfully obvious to all as a Deep State rigged city.

      The whole Federal Government leadership railroaded out of town, the most popular populist President since probably Lincoln, and certainly Washington, in wholesale denial of a stupendous election theft.

    • I must correct. The count is closer to 19 for a petition for a Convention.

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