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  • Like all things political we are experiencing more KABUKI THEATER... if the GOP  is sincere about doing something how about presenting a Bill to END LOCAL RULE Over DC and put Congress back in charge of the nation's capital as originally intended.  It is obvious that the DC Metro Mayor and Counsel are unable to administer the laws of the Nation's capitol without becoming politically charged and overtly sadistic and oppressive.

    Both sides of the aisle are making political theater out of the serious abuse to the Constitutional rights of the protesters detained for their role in the January 6th protests. It is time that the GOP/RNC lay the groundwork for accountability by promising to fire any individual whose fingerprints are on the arrest orders for those wrongfully detained in DC's Jail. Let the offenders know NOW that jail may be their next residence, and maybe just maybe, they will let our people go.

  • From what MTG said tonight, they DID get inside, and what they saw were ABOMINABLE conditions!

  • The Nuremberg trials confirmed that "I was just following orders" wasn't sufficient to defend following illegal orders...
    Remind the "officers" of that fact and you'll get a guided tour!

  • Actual criminals are being treated better than "enemies of the regime." The J6 detainees are political prisoners in the worst, most Soviet sense. The Bidenites in charge of this country are not an administration, they are a junta.
  • This is how a SOCIALIZED MARXIST Country is Ran-!!! Be prepared for more of this- unless The People and Republicians "STAND TOGETHER" and HOLD THE LINE-!!!

  • The warden of the facility is where the responsibility lies.

    Who that person is seems overlooked.

  • Any Congressman should have access to any person or information on demand, unless there is a national security risk.  When people know that they can't be protected then they tend not to do wrong.   

  • Stinking evil corrupt demoncrats are behind all of this

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