• In a Civil War, no one hides!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • My point exactly.


  • When the civil war starts where do they plan on hiding? 


    • The assumption is they are protected assets.


    • Wouldn't want to be an Amazon driver or Facebook/Twitter employee if  the SHTF. We remeber Gruber!!!!........Academia are among the WORST of the traitors!!!


  • Because the Maosit styled Communist Revolution that's going on here can't stand for it.


  • "Noli itlegitimi carborundum." George Washington viewed government as something like fire---"a dangerous servant, but a fearful master." Thomas Jefferson saw the Constitution as a "chain," restraining the men who would exercise limited powers under it. All True Americans know there are "No Free Lunches", but rather we all are " Free to Pursue Our Own Fortunes! " As Free American Citizens we choose to share what we have earned, but never allow anyone to force us to share what we have earned by our own wit, wisdom and sweat! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • This tells you who MSNBC IS. Stop watching  ALL liberal news, they're lying to you. 

  • "QANON is a name we do not say."

    W-O-W !

     A graduate of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism, no doubt.

    A Magna Cum Louse of Propoganda. | The Goebbels Experiment

    • I would have liked to hear the previous interview dialogue though.

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