• We alraedy KNOW we have a USURPED CRIMINAL Gov ,PIG!

  • A Progressive Socialist Democrat is like Rat with its foot in a trap. It will chew its own foot off to escape! Now picture that same Rat with all four feet caught in four separate traps. It will chew them off to escape, and it will try like Hell, but really, where can it go, and how? It appears this is the "Position" they now find themselves in, caught, exposed, and no means of escape. It is their ship. Let them sink with it.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Another waste of our tax dollars. I would rather watch paint dry.

  • The Democrats are having a hearing.... On What?  Smile.....

  • A socialist party and a government control media bringing nothing but propaganda to the American people are they that stupid to believe we will agree with them and say this is a fair hearing.

  • Kangaroo court once again. All overblown words that help no one except the criminal democrat election campaign. They are trampling the constitutional rights of the citizens they have arrested. Thier version of justice for them but not for the serf citizen.

  • I enjoy good fiction but this put-on lying  Democrat crap doesn't even come close.

  • I would love to watch it but I don't want to spend my day throwing up at all their lies

  • Their idea of an "Honorable Duel" would be "Dirty Words at Thirty Paces!" But only "non- offensive words", and a " Duel" where there are No Losers! A Non Event conducted by Non People, representing Non American Citizens.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I didn't see anyone attacking the police.....

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