• You might have to have a Rumble account to open?  just go to this:The Precinct


    Guys check this out.  Maybe it can be reposted so everyone see it?  We can make a diffrence.  Very good informaton he puts out.

    The Precinct Promotional Video 1 minute
    • The link is now working and its message is important for everyone to hear... taking back our Party is the first step on draining the swamp... become a County Precinct representative.  This site tells you how.  Take back the County and then the State and finally the National Committee. RNC.

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  • Why... it takes dedicated and RESOURCED LEADERSHIP to organize the patriot... the Patriots are ready but don't have the needed leadership or funding to organize effective national resistance... I once did a preliminary estimate on how much it would take to fund a real movement for reform... and it came to 300 million in the first year and 2-300 million thereafter to supply all the needs for such a national organization.  

    Everything comes down to MONEY... no money ... no movement.... underfunded patriot movements are often counterproductive... wasting what few resources they have.

  • We need real court action to stop this liberals from hiding the truth 

  • It's also possible that Michigan voter fraud caused black conservative John James to lose a close Senate race to imcumbent Democrat Gary Peters.

    • You are 100% correct. The democrats used this fraudulent election to swing both the Whitehouse and the Senate. Several House seats were also stolen.

      Makes one wonder WHY the Supreme Court has no interest in finding out the TRUTH.

    • Chief Justice John Roberts was heard yelling about his fear of riots through the door by several people.

    • That does NOT tell us what the REAL reason is.

      He didn’t seem too concerned about Antifa and BLM burning down America.

      John Roberts has betrayed America on numerous occasions

      Perhaps a thorough investigation of Mr. Roberts would be a good starting point in repairing the justice system.

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