• This big medical company all they want is more money from the tax payers remember that government get its money from you the tax payers so there is no way they will approve any vaccine that will defeat the virus. This companies want to get rich they don't care how many people die. Time to have faith in your body remember it was created to fight any viruses on earth forget the masks they don't do nothing to protect you.Being locked in will only make your body weak to fight any bacteria¬†

  • He is soooo right, Jesus IS the only answer!!! Repent America!!! Read the Bible, when Israel followed God they were blessed, when they turned away they suffered.

  • As anyone with a basic course of High School Study of Virus "Factually Understands", all Virus measure approximately .003-.005 microns in size. All " Face Masks Porosity (Hole Size) openings, regardless of paper or clothe, measure .03-.05 microns, "Ten Times Larger" than the size of a Virus! The next lesson learned is "Virus can only replicate in moisture, but can remain Dormant for unknown extended periods of time in an on Dry Surfaces!" Face Masks are Viable Protection against Bacteria, Certain Non-Virus Based Diseases, and can only be worn up to a Maximum of 3 1/2 Hours prior to needing replacement, as their own "Moisture Content Environmentally Promotes that which it was designed to be a Barrier Against!" Face Masks "Absolutely Cannot Be Worn" by those with Beards and/or Mustaches, as a "Complete Seal" is impossible to create. From the very beginning those among us who knew the difference between a raisin and a Rabbit Dropping, refused the Concept that eating the Rabbit Dropping was Good for you, and would "Actually Prevent the Spread of the Covid 19 Virus!" All others are called "Sheeple!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Well said Lynn... thanks, we need to send this well-written piece on masks to our federal and state representatives with a note... we are sick of the lies and misdirection... take action to sanction those involved.¬†

      Use State Nullification legislation to reverse the Fed's misdirection and focus on an Article 5 Convention to RECALL ALL OF THE SITTING GOVERNMENT... hit the reset button there is nothing worth saving in DC... and many state capitols.

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