Meadows puts agencies on notice about staff shake-up


The Deep State emerges. This will change America forever. - Fabius Maximus  websiteWhite House chief of staff Mark Meadows told administration officials Monday to expect senior aides to be replaced at many government agencies, according to an internal email obtained by Axios.

Behind the scenes: Meadows asked the director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office John McEntee "to look at replacing the White House Liaisons (WHLs) at many of your agencies," according to the email. "John will be working with outgoing liaisons to explore other opportunities."

"Please welcome incoming liaisons as they begin their new roles," Meadows wrote. "I ask that you encourage your teams to equip the WHLs with everything they need to support your agency and the President's agenda."

"It is important that WHLs have direct access to principals and senior staff regarding all political hiring decisions."

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  • Sean Penn is the today version on Jane Fonda.

    Nothing ever happened to her.

  • I shudder to think what would be happening in America today had hillary won the election. When you see how deep and broad the infestation of traitors are, knowing all we know now, a military tribunal must be considered to try and punish all this sedition, treason, coupd' etat, insurrection, subversion, and the outright vile, depraved evil. We can't afford to have a future leftist pardon them for any reason, they will plot and scheme from a prison cell. Take them all down! Include sean penn for his complicity with the commie government of venezuela and his suggesting to barry obama to murder 25 million of us conservatives and the rest would fall in line, he is part of the problem.

  • Most of the District of Columbia, the Executive Branch, ie., Department of Justice (13.000 attorneys), Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Department of Housing and Urban Devellopment, Department of Commerce are "Democrat", bureacrats! They must be trimmed back by 60%! They are not needed and perpetuate a corrupt bureacracy being manipulated by the Communist Party USA, (CPUSA), the Chinese Communists, International Corporations, (lobbyists), bankers and foreign governments! 

  • About time a good shake-up is needed to clear the decks of any questionable appointments made by Kelly and other former Chiefs of Staff. The Deep State must be put on notice. Purges are about to take place and those who have committed criminal acts may find themselves in a very tenuous status unless they come forward voluntarily. 

  • Should have been done a long time ago before these backstabbers were allowed to do the harm they did.

    • " Should have been done a long time ago before these backstabbers were allowed to do the harm they did. "Ditto... Amazing how entrenched they are. Hopefully this move educates the remaining.


    • Its too late to educate. They have been tried abd found wanting. Now execute

    • Shoulda, woulda, coulda,........... we should applaud that it is happening at all, and say a prayer of thanks that Hillary and her crew are not in the White House as we dodged that bullet by merely a whisker.

  • Yep, it looks like the dismantling of the deep state is proceeding in earnest, and that is definitely a good thing.

    • We shall see. Heads must roll.

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