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  • Trump won hands down period

  • Seriously, Biden couldn't win a "Crapping His Pants" contest if he was the only entrant! There was no way he won the "Election" without the manipulation of the Progressive Socialist Democratic MEDIA/Political Machine! Working American Citizens know this to be true in spite of all those who promote and live off of Government Program Handouts, and Sponsored "Fallacy Based Victim Programs" , plus the Illegal Alien Nation's Transplants currently living and voting throughout Our Nation with the Various Governments Blessings! Replace the "Political Machine Agenda Driven Politicians", and the " Cure" will follow.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Earlier this evening (Fri)ABC news was spouting the same thing "Biden won, he had 9 more votes and Trump had 261 less".  I had already seen and read the actual report and told those agreeing with ABC, that they had only gotten the "part" of the actual report that ABC wanted them to believe and then explained the difference. You should have seen the "l-o-n-g" faces.  I actually thought they were going to cry!  I sometimes feel  like I'm surrounded by idiots.

    • You are surrounded by idiots.   The results of decades of brainwashing.   They have no idea that they are brainwashed.


      That says it is growing.    Audits are not cheap, but so necessary if there is ever to be any trust in elections again.

    • Yep, a  truly sad story; I have never thought of myself as extremely intelligent, but gee whiz - -if people can't undstand what the propaganda peddlers are doing, is there any hope?  It gets really frustrating when you actually take the time to "spell it out", or even draw a picture and they still cannot see, or understand.  Often wonder if some are  just being "willfully stupid"!

    • None so blind as those that refuse to see.

      Willfully stupid is the result.

  • When One asks the Fox "Where did all the chickens go?" One can only expect a belch and a smile.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I've listened to OAN pretty much all day today. The Freedom Conference is going on this weekend, and OAN is airing it. All the hype about Arizona Audits results coming out today, I just KNEW they would report to the whole world that TRUMP WON! They reported there was fraud (we knew that), they reported that yes the machines were connected to the internet (we knew that), they reported that people who didn't live there voted (we knew that), more people voted than were registered (yep, we knew that), fake ballots (ditto), no signature varification were missing or lacking signatures (no kidding) the end of a very long and eventful process of auditing Arizona...what did we get? The AG has been sent a letter from Karen Fann that he needs to start an INVESTIGATION!!! NO over turned election, NO decertification, NO recalling electors. I was expecting much more than we got today, which amounts to a huge NOTHING BURGER.

    • Not a total nothingburger.    It DID PROVE ALL THOSE THINGS WE SUSPECTED/BELIEVED/KNEW.    THAT IS  A BIG DEAL.   It could have gone the other way.

      Yes, I want those things to happen as well.   And, SOON.   LIKE YESTERDAY.

  • Lesson learned. From this point on, trust no one and check twice.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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