• No, they have power because they have election fraud figured out, and they will never loss again. 

  • Wrong.  You are incredibly wrong on that score.  Mob violence did not steal the last Presidential election.  It was a conspirarcy of five states in conjunction with local Democratic officals and Domminion computers software that spanned the globe from Canada to Spain to Germany.  The conspirarcy went even further than that as establishment consirators in the media and throughout the government conspired to facilitatle a Covid pandemic scare to enable all sorts of novel mail in balloting.  You may recall the count actually stopped long enough ( a number of hours across five different states) and then reopened with totally unexplainable results in every case. 

    There was no mob violence.  Defunding police is a whole seperate issue.  You keep saying "We"  Do you have a mouse in your pocket?  You're open to a beter plan.  Good for you, but let's be clear I haven't your plan as yet.  I've heard all sorts of declarations of belief and declarations of what should be done and what results should not be accepted, but what I haven't seen is the faintest outline of any plan.  I 'm all ears.

  • Our gov. is presently so infested with diseased corruption I don't see but a handful of Americans that are working for the people, this country, its identity, and foundational principles as laid out in our foundational documents.  In other words, it needs to be torn down, cleansed, and restaffed. 

    • That seems pretty obvious to anyone who expects to see any effective change




    • You can't rebuild, if you don't tear down.  I never said I wanted to build a Marxist state.  I would have us rebuild a democratic republic under the same constitution better suited for the 21st/c. 

    • Earth to space.  Listen up this is reality calling.  They own the government, the media and the social media, all the technology.  They own all branches of government and all bureaucracies.  Are you even conscious?  They don't have to tear down and install Marxist state.  They already have one.  Where have you been?  They just threw a Stalin election.  Are you blind, or nuts?  They just passed a $ 3.7 Trillion pay off for themselves and their friends; money they don't have.  They borrowed it in our names.  You're making some obscure, idiotic point about BLM and Antifa?  Forget about woke morons who are just street rabble and easy tools.  They call out the thugs whenever they please and give them rewards.  This isn't about stupid, street rabble and ridiculous, woke progressives and other delusional idiots.  Everything we once had is gone, rotten, corrupted, not working, beyond repair.  If you can 't help, you are the problem.  Go ahead and vote Republican and see how far that gets you.  In fact, delusional. unimaginative people like yourself who think tinkering around the edges can fix things are the reason we are where we are today. 

    • I take great offense at this personal attack.

      I  will be reporting it.

      And,you are wrong to intentionally destroy what we have had with the risk that the liberals will run with that ball to make it a total dictatorship.

      If you are unable or unwilling to come up with a viable suggestion, that's your problem.

      In the meantime, the rules for this site preclude the disrespectful, insulting attacks.

    • Taking great offense to anything you can't comprehend appears to be a regular thing with you.  It seems to me you intend to keep the conversation in a comfort zone you can comprehend limiting the ability of the rest of us to explore what are true causes and their effects.  You are going to report me?  For what?  For exposing you and your vacuous, erroneous thought patterns?  Is it your plan to keep all conversations in a geriatric state of silly non relevance to what is really happening to our nation?  If so you should realize I am 76 and have many more comments in response to my remarks, comments that agree with me than your one and only lonely voice that continues to disagree.  Who ever it is that may be adjudicating this matter needs to look back to see that I concur with the Lt. Col. who you based your story on.  It's Marlene herself who is the odd person out here, the sole disenting voice, which I would support her right to be, albeit obstinate and narrow minded, unimmaginatve and limited.

      It is noteworthy that you have never even tried to discuss the substance of our disagreement.  You simply repeat yourself and make wild claims as to me being a Marxist and, or a Democrat of which I am neither.  No Marlene, it is you who are unable to come up with any viable understandings.     

    • I don't know how old Marlene is, but I do know that at 76 you have a frame of reference that she may not. I am 77 and understand exactly what you are saying. Personally, I do not see a way to right this ship without tearing it down to rebuild, restore it to its original foundations, and intent. Communism has been trying to take us over since our birth as a nation. They have made great strides because of infiltration. seditious policies, decisions and, acts. this young man is doing what his heart, mind and morality are dictating. That takes courage. He is demanding what should  be the normal course of events, ACCOUNTABILITY.  I have NO issue with that. Such a cleansing of corruption applied to our gov. entities would render us without governance. That is how corrupt things are.  I have no idea what Marlene would suggest doing to support this country and its call for accountability heretofore.  We have trusted the powers that be in face of affront after affront. What have we done? We've WATCHED! 


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