• The People NEED TO BE ACTIVE IN THEIR "LOCAL" SCHOOL BOARDS" The radicals have and are Taking Over this Country- They Want A "One World Order"- BE PREPARED-!!!

  • This pseudo-intellect seems to resort for pain in pleasure a masochist hell for him would be social isolation.

  • I have often wondered "Why is it that only people of Color call White People Racist, and never the Reverse?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What a See You Enn Tee. How's China and Japan and the rest of the world doing with discipline of the youth. They are excelling and graduating with math and science degrees. While US kids are leaving college with a BA in gender studies. 

  • since this academic genuis believes that good behavior is wrong then please post his home address so we can show him what we think

  • US Teachers have NOTHING to brag about when one looks at the public school systems results ( Test Scores ) compaired to the rest of the western worlds scores.

    Break out the "Dunce Hats."

  • Who are the real racist the liberals 

  • He needs to be in home for the insane.   


  • I will just quote the Good Book---Spare the rod and spoil the child!!!

  • This explains why the African American society has more members arrested and incarcerated. It explains why more Blacks than any other demographic are prone to burning down their own homes and businesses. It explains why more Black men than any other demographic are unable to sustain a marriage ... raise their children in a loving home ... hold down a job for an extended time period ... unable to express themselves according to social norms of the masses. It explains why Blacks are responsible for killing their own vs other demographics. In total, it explains so much about Blacks that they are unwilling or unable to accept responsibility for.

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