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  • One and the same  for sure, he's a NAZI.!

  • Fauci has hid the truth from the public from day one ,The sick minded little man will stand in judgment one day . My hope is that he gets

    everything that is coming to him ! 

  • An apt comparison!

  • Sort of proves reincarnation to be factual doesn't it.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • There's the guy who ran the death camps ! You decide 


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    • AMEN  

  • I absolutely love Lara Logan. Beautiful, smart, articulate, and my favorite fearless. She is one of the very, very few journalists that has my respect. She's also 1000% right about that evil little garden gnome Fraudci. I remember him from the AIDS crisis back during the 80s. He is a curruptocrat and it makes one wonder how many "experiments" he did back then. It also makes one wonder how much he's made with all of the HIV/AIDS treatments people can get since there's still no cure. That's how it is now with COVID-19. "Doctor" Fraudci should be fired, stripped of his title and license if he has one, his high government salary(he gets paid more than our idiot president) and pension should be taken away and he should be put a jail cell with a very large lifer convict named Bubba Ray or Antwone. 

  • Fair comparison, just yesterday I heard Fouchi led trias of vaccines using American orphans, many died horrible deaths, mostly black and Hispanic children.

  • Fauci should not be addressed as "doctor".  That is an insult to real physicians working to heal and ease human suffering.  Fauci is very much like Josef Mengele in that he is more than willing to experiment on human beings for his financial benefit.  Fauci dosen't give a damn how much human suffering is caused by his so-called science.   If Fauci has a medical license he should lose it.  I hope Fauci eventually is charged with crimes he has committed, and is imprisoned.

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