Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris co-sponsored a bill that would force public schools to allow biologically male athletes who identify as transgender on girls’ sports teams.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced Harris as his running mate on Tuesday. In March 2019, Harris cosponsored the Equality Act, which would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “sexual orientation and gender identity” protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law.

Among other things, the bill would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls, as both supporters and opponents of the bill have acknowledged.

Biden has pledged to get the Equality Act signed into law within his first 100 days in office, making the Democratic ticket united on the issue of forcing schools to allow some biologically male athletes into female athletics.

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  • Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to:

    1.  mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the planet which have not been tested on animals with fast-tracked, never-before-approved vaccines that can alter genes, or a which use tissue from aborted children; 

    2.  require 19 vaccination “passports” for employment, travel, or attendance of children at public or private schools; 

    3.  use cell phones to track vaccine or quarantine compliance.

    Citizens can still impact the outcome of these proposals.

    In two articles and podcasts,  I show citizens how to protect their rights, with in-depth research vetted by two physicians.

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    Print Version:   The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers

    Hon. Bob Marshall
    (1992-2018 VA General Assembly)




    Summary: The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers
    Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to: Mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the p…
  • Maybe Kamala will dress up as a boy scout....

    • she already is.


    • this is sick.


    • So are the Democrats!!! You must be too young to remember Boy George and the Culture Club.


    • I remember Boy George the person on the video remind me of him since you mention his name.


  • As a practicing physician in San Francisco and Sonoma County for over 36 years, I have met and treated many transgender patients, mostly men who believed to be women and went thru many changes thru the unscrupulous medical establishment. I can honestly say, that although they are people and people with genuine feelings, they ALL suffer from a mental illness and conditioning that they all need counseling for. It is not normal for any male to want to have child pretnding to be a female. That is mental illness.

    There is NOTHING NORMAL about transgenderism and we all need to really think about this before one votes for someone who condones transgenderism like the UN. This lady was a terrible city attorney while I practiced in San Francisco and had multiple sexual harrassment suits filed against her. She also with her supposed right to power courteosy of our past Major Willie Brown, allowed the Arch Diocese of the city and the Bishop of the Catholic church walk when evidence was brought before her about the peophillia amongst the ranks of priests in Northern California. She's even running politcally as VP with a demented child molester, Mr. Biden.

    As my father and mother from Missouri, "The Show Me State," once told me.... a Leopard never changes it's spots! Trans- genderism is a mental illness and should ber treated as such as these people I have met are always confused. Even Bruce Jenner publicly admitted last year that he even questioned his sex change and had doubts! The doctors who do these things should lose their license! We need to establish as a society boundries for the good of our society, our families, children and future generations and keep poliotics out of sports... no kneeling, no integration of the sexes.. leave it the way it is !

    • Vote Trump 2020.

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