• Hilarious... 1st night in prison and he's suicidal and in a Psych Ward...  I guess the "Shower - Soap" thingy was brutally filling!

  • Why would anyone want to kill him?  He knows nothing?  No one is affraid of him,or what he might say.  He is an untalented, pretty boy who happens to be black and priveleged, rich.  His money bought this slap on the wrist sentence for how many felonies?  He won't even go to prison.  I daresay he won't spend 90 days in jail before being released.  He wasn't even required to reinumerate the city of chicago for their expense of wasted police resources.  The judge grandstands and takes a payoff you can bet.  Do the right thing, judge.  No one cares to hear your sermons

    • Lopez, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  He is just a cheap punk with enough money to buy his way out of punishment for a scam!!!!!!!!!!


    • I relate to just about everything you say, but nothing more than this post.  He's a spoiled pretty boy

    • Very true.

  • I saw the end of the trial on tv and after the long dragged-out sermon the judge gave him and everyone else. He still didn't get it. Here is a perfect example of what's wrong with our current society. No one wants to be accountable. In my opinion, he should have gotten more time behind bars. Did anyone see his family's interview after the trial? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Did anyone notice that he was one of the few wearing a mask? He was hiding his expressions. The entire family is scrum.

    • I dare say.


    I don't know why he is upset about 150 days in jail, he'll be there with all his butt-buddies! 

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  • Nah, he's just afraid because they won't treat him so nice there in jail.

    • Do you really think he will be in the general population?

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