• I recently heard that kamala is not old enough to be president.  


     The First thing this teaches young females is that it's O.K. to Steal an Election and Lie about it. Secondly, this POS UnAmerican Non-American needs to be put on a plane and sent back to her Illegal Alien Parents Country of Origin and given the choice, maybe, of India or Jamaica where her Illegal Alien Parents are from because the 14th Amendment still Stands out Clear as day when Properly read through that there is NO Such thing as "Birth Right Citizenship" in America though BOTH Parties have carried on this Charade for the last 40 - 50 years.

     This ALL started with the "Hart-Celler Immigration (Invasion) Act of (Treason) 1965" was otchestrated by the Ultra-Zionist's Jacob Javits and Emmanuel Celler which is something that Celler Swore to do and worked at for 40 years and NOTHING else since he was a Junior Congressman present when the "Johnson-Reed Immigration and Nationality Act of 1924" was passed by Congress that he said was RACIST!! These Bastard Zionist's have Destroyed America just as they are Destroying Europe with Hundreds of Thousands of Mostly African and Middle Eastern "Migrants" they claim are "Refugees" to make sure of future Race Wars between Muslims and Christian's to EXTERMINATE WHITES in their Own Countries. Israel takes '0' "Refugees."

     If "Jew's" are Only 2% of the Population of the United States, a figure that hasn't changed in over 50 years much the same as the "11 Million Illegal Immigrants" in the United States hasn't in at least 30 years but Both are EVERYWHERE, Why is there 9 in the U.S. Senate and 28 in the House of Representatives (LOOK at Biden's Appointees) and ALL are Dual Citizen Israeli-"American's" who are the ONLY group too get away with this ILLEGAL & UnConstitutional status and ------------YES, I'M SICK OF THIS AND THEM EVEN PASSING LAWS AGAINST CRITICIZING THEM FOR ANYTHING CALLING IT "HATE CRIME" LEGISLATION TO FURTHER ERODE OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS AS THEY CONTINUE TO PRESENT SO-CALLED "GUN CONTROL" BILLS TO ABOLISH OUR SECOND AMENDMENT!!


  • Kommie Harris was already disqualified, not having been born of two already-American citizens, plus the second fact that disqualified her was that she and Beijng Biden STOLE the election. They are NOT President and Vice President.

  • she is as phony as a 3 dollar bill, but very dangerous

  • remember she was silent when the big national discussion was allowing men in the ladies and she seems to be ok with boys competing against girls in high school plus she never saID 1 WORD OF PROTEST WHEN KATHRYN STEINLE WAS KILLED BY AN ILLEGAL ALIEN in california - her state

  • That she is not an American citizen disqualifies her from becoming president. 

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