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  • Yes, I woud think of it as double jeopardy, but the demoncrats get away with every crime they commit in breaking our laws, so what's the problem....

  • In order of importance . First Nadler needs to shut his big mouth ,second Go Home and lose weight you fat ass moran .

  • All these cronies of the Liberal Left, that includes "Do-Nothing" republicans just need to be "removed" .   Nadler needs to be in prision.  I wonder how much longer we are going to tolerate putting up with these "usurpers" to the Constitiution and our freedoms...

  • Would that dangerous precedent be a jury trial by peers?

    • Let me remind you the Patriot Act suspends normal due process... one may never see an indictment if labeled a Domestic Terrorist.  Why do you think so many are still in jail for the Jan i6th ... supposed insurrection?  Their habeas Corpus rights were suspended and they are being held without trial or bond. Wake up our 'due process rights are whatever the FBI and DOJ say they are... I see no one bringing a case before the SCOTUS to free the Jan 6th political prisoners.  They are the first ... the question is who is next?

  • I think we need a R.I.C.O.and subsequent firing squad and Nadler is on the list!!!!............Shove that up your fat lying ass,Jerry!

  • The DOJ should investigate all this Marxist 

  • Okay Jerry.  When is the DOJ going to investigate YOU?  You repeatedly lied to Congress and We  the People.  Jerry Nadler is a disgusting excuse for a humann being.  It's not a man, not a woman ......... What is the "wokeism" for a streaming pile of canine feces?

  • Hey Nadler you idiot, I heard that the gun was already in Wisconsin. So stop your disgusting lies!

  • Jerry Nadler is a truly disgusting sub-human.  This was not a miscarriage of justice - the young man (Rittenhouse) feared for his life.  The 2 people killed were rioters who had long rap sheets and were trying to kill him.  What's more they were not black.  But what does the lying left care about facts?  Answer to that absolutely nothing - all they want to do is get in front of the media and spread their lies!!!  Any further legal actions would be double jeopardy which also is against the law.   

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