• Until someone (especially Hillary) and some major upper echelon group of bodies are dragged out of their mansions in chains or hanging from a rope, none of this will mean a thing except to fuel even greater animus against D.C. and possibly ignite internal war, of which we already teeter.     We know the elites of society are a very special class of people protected by the globalists. They are monsters who will slaughter our children and anyone else to cling to power. They have incited riots and savagery, causing the deaths of many. You either subjugate yourself and kiss their ring, or be classified as deplorable and irredeemable fodder who’s only worth is death. Mass graves of Americans means nothing to them. Mass CONTROL does.     The only fitting “due process” for these tyrants and their crimes against humanity is a firing squad. Until that day, all these teasing “revelations” are hollow and only serve to confirm our strong suspicions. jw

    • And why is Durham only NOW bringing up HILLARY?

      Only because he doesn't want her to run gor Presudent?

      What about putting this out before Bidrn ran?

    • Good question and how about Robert Mueller?  How come that brain dead bozo found nothing and was paid and lauded by Democrats?  All of it fakery and BS

  • Sullivan must be removed until proven that he is not criminally involved in the Clinton for Corruption scandal. If clean put him back on the job and if dirty put his ass in prison. But save room for Corrupt Hillary Clinton.

  • From China Joe on down the line........Trial........Verdict .........Prison in that order .


  • So now I know who he's married to.  Who is he and what ishe supposed to have done?  Duh

  • I'm thinking he is already being investigated!

  • The interweaving of positions of influence with Democrats is the closest thing that I have ever seen to collusion on a massive scale that does not fall short of treason. I trust that the truths that are exposed by the Durham inquiry close the lid on one of the most treasonous of Americans since the Rosenburgs, Hillary Clinton.

    • That's what I mean by interlocking and overlapping fields of influence and power and it's not just Democrats.  And that's inside the federal government bureaucracy.  What about the media shapping public opinion?  What about incredibly corrupt and political judicary?

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