Is Mitch McConnell Part of the Deep State?

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a bipartisan effort to enlarge the COVID relief bill to $2,000.  President Trump supports the enhanced relief package.  As a consequence, in justifying his maneuver McConnell did something we are all too familiar with.  It is time to expose the Decepticon game again; this time people will accept.

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At first blush you might ask yourself why Mitch McConnell would block this bill and put the Georgia special election senate races in question.  He just handed Georgia democrats an atomic sledgehammer.  However, what most people do not understand is how McConnell works; being in the minority position is not adverse to his interests.  McConnell operates with a Machiavellian strategy, so we will explain.

Senator McConnell said the $2,000 bill would be attached to two other POTUS priorities including (1) section 230 reform, and (2) a request for congressional review of the 2020 election fraud, both have been requested by President Trump.  This is how Mitch McConnell justifies; this is how the GOP will defend his decision; the creation of a false dichotomy is how McConnell works.  But watch what he is really doing.

McConnell admits in his floor testimony the three stage bill will take time to assemble. In essence he admits publicly the $2k, 23o reform and 2020 election review committee will take longer than the January 5th Georgia runoff.  So he is admitting the toxic political issue of the $2,000 denial will exist to benefit the democrats in the race.  Accept this.

Second, McConnell knows a second bill with all three elements will not pass the House. McConnell knows it is a pure political posturing exercise that will produce nothing, yet provide more justification for his blockage.

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  • Does anyone remember "who" gitchy mitchy is married to?  Her name is Elaine Chao, the current Secretary of the Department of Transportation AND her "wealthy family" are members of the Chinese Communist hierarch, so just "who" do you suppose mitch listens to and takes his marching orders from?  Definitely NOT from President Trump, nor WE THE PEOPLE- - oh, he postures a lot and tries to make his motivations "look good".

    • I don't remember her.


    • Just type her name in your search bar; she and mitch married in 1993.

    • now I know she is married to Mitch right!


  • mcconnell has always been a TRAITOR fully owned by the satan/soros cabal of billionaires dedicated to the destruction of America and the implementation of the new world order.  mcconnell is swamp pond scum!!!!!

    • Slight correction, gitchy mitch is "owned by" the CCP - -see my post above, tho' I can't deny he is "swamp pond scum", basically because he has been "compromised" by his marriage to Chao!

    • why is he a Republican?


  • No doubt McConnell is a snake in the grass RINO. He has hated President Trump from the start because the President takes no prisioners. If we lose the Senate it's entirely McConnell's fault and he'll pay for it politically. Why didn't he put forth the $2,000 payment option with one rider and that is to eliminate the foreign pork provisions that were in the originial stimulus bill. That would free up millions of dollars that would go to Americans, instead of foreign governments. That way all Republician lawmakers would have no choice but to approve the measure. And it would have got through the Senate with no problem. BUT, oh no, McConnell adds 2 other strings to the $2,000 package that he knows will not pass. Shame on him.

    • Lee, mcconnell just got reelected for 6 years and knows he won't have to run again because their plan is to have the nation destroyed before 2026!!!!!

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