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  • biden is nothing more than the devildemocommiecrat nominee!!!!!

  • Given the natre of the three pro-Biden members, I wonder if there has been a death threat barrage to the pro Trump three to change their votes in a revote, permitted or not. The MSM would report the change with fanfare and trumpets.

  • Hello TPOers ...

    Found something profoundly interesting:

    Many of you know of Mark Levin and have listened to his excellent presentations. Mark was Chief of Staff to Ed Meese while Meese was AG to President Ronald Reagan.

    This evening I found this from Mark:

    Worth every minute of listening! Mark talks about how Pennsylvania screwed up big time re fraud in the 2020 election ... didn't follow their own Constitution! FYI PA's Electorial vote is worth 20 votes!

    Like we New Yorkers like to say ... "the fat lady ain't sung yet" ... a NYC baseball expression.


    • Yes, I watched this on Sunday night (as always). I can't get enough of his profound wisdom. What a gift this man is!


    • Mitchell, I love the analysis. How do you think Justice Alito loved the Pennsylvaia challenge..........oh thats right. He denied it after moving it up from Wednsday to Tuesday.

      The Texas challange to four other state outcomes needs to work at Scotus, or we may be considering martial law if the President has the determination and the military support, or civil war.

  • The legislatures of all fifty states need to take a hard look at the voting in their state. In addition to PA, MI, WI, GA, NV, and AZ it is readily apparent that massive voting fraud also took place in VA, CA, and MN. Do you legislators of these states want your state recognized as corrupt, having failed to prosecute those committing voting fraud, and being a major factor in the dissolution of this great nation?
    The legislatures of each and every state can deny the results of a tainted election and directly appoint electors and enjoin them who to vote for. Now is the time to display integrity and character, what say you, legislators?
    We the people are the KRAKEN !

  • Do you hear the marching feet of fraud, fraud, fraud?? Boom! Boom! Boom! We all know it!! This is a sham and a disgrace. Biden is not my President!! This election is being stolen! STOP IT! Do it for the sake of the Republic. Do it for us, the common people, who will be the victims if this wrong is not righted. 

  • Well of course not.  Lots of people do not want to play the pretend game like the demented clown and his side kick broad.

  • Bruce,

    You are beginning to sound just like my freinds call me, RADICAL, kill them all...any volunteers?

  • This is getting tiresome! Joe Satan Biden is not "president elect" or anything else. He lost this election by a landslide. The scum of the earth democrats are guilty of election tampering. All of these traitors must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when this crime against America is resolved and our President Donald J Trump gets his victory. As for that lying filthy snake Satan Biden, he must be charged with the crime of High Treason and get the death penalty. The firing squad would fit this commie traitor just fine!

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