• Jesus H. Christ, Ilona! Are you completely absent of humor? No one with a single iota of a living brain cell would seriously believe a statement of a "Toilet Seat over a Well!" Yet there's your responsive diatribe informing me, who has lived among some of the most primitive of conditions, of certain areas of sanitation conditions in Africa! Get serious! Remember the line from the movie Auntie Mame, "Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Actually Jim, the toilet in her country is the cut out above the well.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Their so called toilets and a well have nothing in common, their toilets don't involve water at all, not even for cleaning. Most Americans would be disgusted seeing the "facilities" on the African continent and in most of Asia. Few places on either land mass are exceptions. For example, outside of the citiy apartments in India an English toilet is an outhouse, a little building out in the yard with no water, but it has a ceramic English style toilet over the hole. You are sitting on a throne rather than a wooden box with a hole in it, or simply a hole in the floor. Sometimes they are a bit more sophisticated and have a foot drawn on the floor by the hole to indicate from where you may have the best shot, or even more upscale, a ceramic hole cover with the foot placement built in.......neither guarantees complete accuracy, and in most of these countries bathroom cleanliness is not anywhere close to the top of their list.

      The best I've seen was in southern China. A row of doors much like we have in public bathrooms with the dividers between the stalls. Marble slabs running continuously under all the stalls for a floor with a piece missing in the floor from one side to the other.....all the way down through all the stalls. A couple feet down another marble slab angled to run downhill, with a spring running over it at all times. It was the cleanest, most clever design, but, if you were in the first got to see everything as it slid down the hill. The date may be 2021, but most places in the world have facilities a step down from the ones in Ephesus they built around the time of Christ.

    • Not even Somalis are that stupid ... But they're close.


      The last time I was there, 1985 or so, the waste "disposal system" for most of Mogadishu consisted of a small room adjacent to the "residence" with a hole in the floor -- sometimes there was a fired clay fixture with cap over the hole & a catch tank below. A "honey wagon" came around periodically to pump the tank ... in the countryside "The Necessary" was set away from the clan compound & was little more than a but built around a hole.
      My point is Somalis in their natural habitat are very primitive beings.
      They're vicious, nasty, thieving, human scum.
      Omar is simply a slightly cleaned up, semi-Westernized version of the breed.
      She & her crew belong in the halls of government as I belong behind the controls of the first rocket ship to Mars.
  • In her country toilets don't flush ... A country outhouse is several steps up the civilization ladder above Somali privies.

  • Someone needs to tell her, "The toilet can't back unless you flush it!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • if she wants the police defunded then why does she have armed security

    • She wants US unsecured, but not her.

  • As long as "The Laws of the United States are being regularly ignored", how about a long rope, her neck, a stolen pickup and a lonely stretch of country road?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • There must be some way to deport her. She needs to live where she came from, where law and order are on the take and woman are without value as humans. Shutting her up is not enough. She needs to GO.

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