• Dumb broad

  • They are all stupid idiots who hate America and they show it every single day so now let's get on them remind them who they really are 


  • NOTE - Hawaii is on the no-travel list for conservatives. Let's find better places to spend our dollars with this Maxine look alike

  • She is a Marxist.. don't expect to hear the truth from Stalinist trained politicians...  Look what they have done in every country they occupy.. the truth is replaced by fantasy and Marxist propaganda. 

  • How do they put imbies into the Senate and Congress?

  • I have detested this Asian piece of crap from the first time I saw her on TV once, and this only reconfirms my initial opinion of her.  I can't understand how the media even give her the time of day!  O, I just saw that the TV network carrying this story is CNN - Communist News Network!!!  End of story....

  • Just enother disillusionary leftist loser.   I place her in the same pot as Maxi Waters, Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and many others. get the idea...!

  • Hawaii has been controlled by the communist party for decades.

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