Gun Registry




Since taking power in Congress, Democrats have been obsessed with 2 things:

  • Impeaching Donald Trump (again).
  • Forcing me to sit down and be quiet.

They have failed at both. Now, they need a win, and they think they found it with the next item on the liberal wish list—a national registry of all American gun owners—and its purpose is to:

  • Force you to Register all firearms with the Federal Government,
  • Compel you to Disclose how and where you store every gun you own,
  • Pay for $800 in insurance, and
  • See if you can pass a psychological evaluation and training course before buying ANY gun,

I saw this coming, and they called me crazy, then they tried to kick me out of Congress entirely. All because they KNEW I would never allow them to trample on your rights like this.

I need to keep fighting for OUR rights and I need to know if you are standing with me. I need every patriot that cares about the 2nd Amendment and protecting our liberty from tyrannical leftists to make an immediate donation of $100 as I fight here in Washington.


Nancy Pelosi and the Squad are working overtime to take away my voice – they honestly believe that I work for them.

I work for the American people, and that is who I will answer to, but the Democrats simply don’t understand this concept. They think attacking me with lies will force me to bend to their will.

I need every liberty-loving American to make an immediate donation of ANY AMOUNT and help me keep fighting here in Congress. They can’t pass this ridiculous bill and take away our rights as Americans if they know we are standing together.

I don’t care how many votes they hold – I will NEVER back down. Not when I have patriots like you standing beside me.

Joe Biden has already told Pelosi to speed up this bill so he can sign it. It’s on the fast track which means we need to work twice as fast to stop it.

If you love this nation and refuse to permit the DC Swamp to rule this nation, then I need you to continue to support my efforts to fight for the American people.

Together, we can stop Pelosi’s Unconstitutional gun grab, but we need to start today and I need you by my side!

God Bless America,
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Congresswoman (R-GA)

P.S. Please remember that the same people seeking to defund the police are the same people who side with Antifa and BLM. Now they want to take away our guns. If you can see the writing on the wall, then join me in the fight to protect our Constitutional Rights with a gift of $50, $100, or even $1,000 TODAY!


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