• By the way in my opinion that so called Federal Agent should not have gotten smart with the local police but cooperated any way he could until it was decided he was in the right to be there. Then  got smart like he was a big deal and they were trash by given them a hard time.

  • Another ones of bidens gestapo bites the dust. Good for him. The guy sounded like an A**Hole. They also think that they are immune to the US Constitutional since biteme took over illegally.

  • Thanks to China Joe and B.Obama just about everything federal has become a four letter word in the minds of "We The People."

    The latest BS from China Joe is their plans to double the size of the IRS and Arm the agents with all manor of firearms.

  • Federal supremacy regarding Executive actions in intrastate issues does seem to have its limits, doesn't it?

    This video ought to go viral in federal bureaucracies everywhere as an example of State Sovereignty in action.

    The messege, "You are not above the very law you are charged to execute as a servant of the People."

    But will the untrustworthy servant learn his place and yield?

  • The State needs to inform all federal agents that they have no jurisdiction where state law applies... Violations of state law by federal agents will result in arrests.  Failure to obey lawful commands by LEO’s of the State will result in resisting arrest, interference with the duties of a Police Officer, and or obstruction of justice charges.

    It is time to put the Fed back in the box it came in and return it to Washington, DC… where the few ligitimate agents of the Federal government can put federal supremacy where the sun doesn’t shine.


    • I know after the lockdowns from covid, when some of the states governors were telling the restaurant owners that everybody has to wear a mask just to have people come into the restaurant. I know the one restaurant that I went to had a sign saying if any federal government agency came into their restaurant to inspect it without his permission he will have them arrested unless they made an appointment from him to do so. I thought good of him for standing up to the tyannical liberals.

    • Good to see and hear from you Colonel!

    • Ron, Federal Agents across the US have slowly worked their way into cross jurisdiction and after a short training class are "Sworn" in the Cities, Countys and or States where they typically work! I know as I was one in early 2002, as was all of our Field Officers. Our AO included CA, AZ and NV and we were "Sworn" in all 3 locals. 

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      Thanks for the heads up but how dos that work... when sheriff's and local police are restricted to their local jurisdictions... I would question such cross jurisdictional authority.  Besides, the States could simply remove their jurisdictional authority with the governors or senior state officials pen.  All LEO's serve at the pleasure of the governor, mayor, or county supervisor... Let them revoke any cross jurisdictional authority the Fed MAY ACTUALLY HAVE.  The Sheriff is the senior county constitutional law enforcement officer … let him revoke any claim by a Federal Agent to have jurisdiction in his county… without being first deputized by him.

    • Many of our Patrol Areas were in remote locations and cross jurisdictional, for instance on one of the major Lakes we had 16 different LE Agencys with jurisdiction... so it made sense! Additionally, if Im out in the boonies and observe a crime, I could detain, but not arrest unless it was so many feet off the highway or paved county road, and as such dispatch would call the correct agency. It could take several hours for their Officers to arrive. In general all the cities were on board with us as well as the individual Sheriffs and it worked out well for all. The only group who wouldn't let us play in their sandbox were the Indian Tribes!  

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