• See truth comes out! Thank You 

  • Two traitors, then came the Biden clowns to make as much money as they could.  Traitors and thieves - this is our government!  Have you people have had enough yet????

    • I've had too much actually.

    • Really!  I could add nothing.  i think you are totally correct, Edie!!  

  • When Putin and his oligarch supporters are the only thing standing between you and your own leaders, you know you're in trouble.

    • We are in trouble; very serious trouble.  Check out

  • Disgusting traitors!!!

    • Treason.  One is now gone.  The other?  God is in the process of exposing all evil people trying to ovrthrow this country so that we humans can know who the evil people are.

    • The "other" is desperately trying to cover his tracks by calling for Russian people to assassinate Putin.

    • I believe that totally and completely.

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