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  • Pelosi is nothing but an old GAS BAG ! Her ego knows no bounds . Newt is right about Pelosi she is as close to being a traitor to the

    Constitution as they come .  

  • Princess Nan is an obsolete frustrated old Hag.

    (and a Democratic Socialist of America member)


    As obsolete as this German government is now.

    What did you expect !?

  • Gingrich is right. Pelosi is indeed a dictatorial thug. She shuts down the government, torpedoed Trump's efforts to make America great again, and starts useless Conrgessional inquiries only for political gain. Imagine a Republican Speaker would shut down the government or started frivolous congressional inquiries! The MSM would be all over it and we would never hear the end of it. But now the MSM is keeping quiet because they are complicit with the deep state and with demonrats.

    • All Democrat's  believe "Rules are for thee, but not for me".

  • I agree and evil at that.

  • She will go down as the whore of babylon who ruined America.

  • Too many Rino's

  • I aree, Pelosi is a thug. But why are the Republicans in Washington allowing her to get away with it?  Pelosi and Schumer had no problem impeaching Pres Trump when Pres Trump had done nothing wrong. These Democrat criminals are getting away with it because weak Republicans lack the courage to stand up against them. It are the weak Republicans who are allowing these  criminal Democrats to detroy our Country and the Republican Party, except for the fighters, are allowing this to happen. We can also point a finger at traitor Mike Pence for allowing the fraudulent election to be certified. Today we have more criminals including idiot Joe Biden in Washington than ever in modern history. McConnell and the rest of you weaklings, impeach Biden and the rest of them. If they could impeach Pres. Trump, you can turn aroundf and do the same thing to them as they did to Pres Trump. Maria B.


    • Nailed it!

  • I can't wait for Pelois to go.  She is a horror.  The Democrat Party should be ashamed of itself for ever backing her.

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